In this digital era, online identity theft and financial crime rates are rising, and companies need a reliable way to verify the identity of people in the online world. Visionet’s Digital Onboarding and KYC utilizes the right combination of AI and human intelligence to perform verifications in as less as 30 seconds. Visionet with more than 25 years of domain experience and with its global verification services helps businesses in real-time fraud detection to improve conversion rates and comply with KYC and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations, all with a single verification solution.


Digital Onboarding
Digital Onboarding for
Retail Customers
Digital Onboarding for
Commercial Customers
BPM Services for Onboarding
and KYC

Digital Onboarding for Retail Customers

Digital Onboarding for Retail Customers
  • Verify identity through Government-issued ID card, driving license, passport, etc.
  • Face verification solution to fight identity fraud
  • Address verification through utility bill, bank, statement, and ID cards
Facial Biometric Authentication
  • Biometric login and transaction monitoring
  • Signup, login and transaction approval with a selfie
  • Face verification and liveness detection to fight facial spoof attacks
Video Interview KYC
  • Biometric login and transaction monitoring
  • Signup, login and transaction approval with a selfie
    Face verification and liveness detection to fight facial spoof attacks
  • Verify age for ongoing logins and transaction authentication
AML Screening
  • Identification of PEP/ terrorists and black listed entities through FAFT, OFAC, Interpol, UN etc.
  • Database of watchlists, sanctions, and adverse media
ID Documents
Countries and Territories
Data Sources

Digital Onboarding for Commercial Customers

Performs criminal background check
Connects to government & private premium data sources
Builds a 360-degree view of the customer persona
Mines social media data about the individual or the organization
Decides the rigor of due diligence
Ensures the optimum levels of due diligence
Provides an overall score to customer risk profile
Gets data from Spyzen

BPM Services for Onboarding & KYC

Our digital platform is complemented by our team of domain experts providing Business Process Management (BPM) services, compliant to regulators and bank’s internal policies to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of business outcomes. Visionet’s talented team of KYC analysts thrive on unique business challenges and take great pride in delivering high-quality resolutions that empower our clients. Our years of domain expertise enable us to deliver industry-leading solutions through a unique combination of technology solutions, knowledge experts, and technology products.

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Skilled human capital and
technology leadership
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Value creation through
productivity enhancement
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Domain expertise and
rapid scale of operations

Customer Success Story: Tech Transformation of Customer Onboarding & KYC for a Commercial Bank

Business Challenge
A commercial bank in the US providing lending services to large corporates and SMEs needed to decrease the turnaround time for KYC process by half. The process was manual and labor intensive. The only prevailing tech solution was a document management repository
  • A straight through process was designed and implemented using an Orchestrating workflow engine
  • Intelligent OCR
  • Seamless data integration from external data sources
  • Automated KYC memo using NLG
  • Automated updates to internal master data systems using RPA
  • Real time status update
  • SPYZEN and Cust-360 was offered as value added features
  • Average turnaround time after the transformation was reduced to 1/4th of turnaround time prior to transformation
  • KYC for 27% of low and medium-low risk customers were completed without intervention

Flexible Operating Model

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