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Client was able to process more payoff requests per month with improved turntime


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Business Intelligence

Systematized and scalable decision-making using advance data analytics

Visionet Analytics caters to business intelligence requirements. We gather and analyze current, actionable data to provide insights into improving business operations. The result is a centralized and transparent view of the business and its improvement areas.

Marketing Analytics

Optimize marketing spends using advance analytics techniques

As a pioneer in Digital and Marketing Analytics, we work as exclusive domain partners to our customers. Our Big Data expertise allows us to look for insights in large, complex digital data from various sources, including web analytics. Our Data Modelling expertise helps estimate the impact of various marketing tactics on sales, attribute conversions to different marketing touchpoints, etc. and use the findings to guide the future strategy based on correlations and predictive statistical models.

Customer Analytics

Analyze and map customer DNA for meaningful engagement

A suite of advance modeling techniques for a better understanding of customer needs across their lifecycle – from acquisition to retention – to maximize customer value. Using data, analytics, and insights on prospects and customers, we create relevant, individualized experiences in real-time. Map out an ideal journey that’s not only satisfying to the customer but also valuable to your organization. SAS provides a unified, open analytics platform with unmatched breadth and depth to help you engage with customers.

Operations & Planning

Plan and optimize your investments in business operations

Visionet Analytics also enables customers to efficiently plan and optimize their operations. Analytics such as Demand Forecasting, People Analytics, IoT, Workforce Automation, Transaction Monitoring, etc. are extremely critical to an organization and go a long way to create a lean and efficient organization.

Leveraging BI and RPA for Fully Automating Internal Routine Tasks for a Leading Multinational Bank

Manual process involved persons calling the bank for
processing payoff request. They had to manually interact with the IVR, giving relevant information. The bank employee, at the back-end was manually updating the loan payoff requests
Leveraged Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automatically process loan payoff requests
Able to process more payoff requests per month with improved turntime

Use Cases

Identify high propensity clients to cross sell business products for a top BFSI client

A global lending bank having a diverse portfolio of business and retailer credit cards offerings wanted to dig deeper into their customer database and identify customers who showed attributes of an early stage small business owners who could then be targeted with business cards offerings, thereby, generating higher margin business for the bank.

Reducing customer churn before it happens for an investment management firm

A global Investment Management firm was struggling with a high rate of client attrition and wanted to leverage its customer’s historical transaction data to uncover patterns in customer transaction data, which could help predict customer churn. This would help the firm pre-empt customer churn and take corrective measures.


Data Analytics for Mortgage Secondary Market

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