8 Keys to Accelerate and Streamline your Closings

Title agents need to ensure faster closings for their lender clients, while reducing costs of title production. What are ways for them to do this?

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In the title industry, it is common to have multiple parties involved in almost every deal. Because no title agent wants to staff up, given the volume swings that the industry is seeing today, finding capable partners is the need of the hour.

Having several partners, however, can slow down closings significantly, because of the number of handshakes involved and the possibility of miscommunication. Title agents need to take control of their systems and processes so that they can ensure faster closings for their lender clients. They also need to focus on reducing cost of title production. 

What are ways for them to do this? We investigate more in this eBook.

What You Will Learn:

  • How you can enable automated workflows
  • Intelligent vendor management, how it can help
  • Variable pricing structures for back office title services
  • How you can be assured of security and compliance
  • The increasing role of a customer communication portal