Why are Your Cloud Costs Soaring Despite Free Cost Review Tools?

By Visionet Marketing Team January 22, 2021 June 3rd, 2021
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Most organizations move their infrastructure and data to the cloud to reduce capital expenditure and for easy and quick resource provisioning. It has saved many organizations from the tedious task of spending days purchasing and configuring hardware, business applications, and operating systems as they are now able to create a functionally identical set of virtual resources on the cloud in a very little time.

However, there are certain roadblocks that cannot be overlooked. Mismanaged cloud resources often result in huge revenue losses to companies. Also, while cloud platforms make it easy to create resources, it is up to the enterprises to ensure that they’re being utilized optimally. Although saving IT costs is one of the main motivations to move to the cloud, rising cost is still a major pain point for the companies even after the move.

Publication: ET CIO

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