Visionet’s RM Workbench is built on a comprehensive banking data platform powered by 10+ industry leading predictable data science models. The tool is designed to provide insights based on customer spend patterns and behavior without much of IT intervention. Also, insights on customer’s preferred mode of communication channels enable relationship managers to enhance customer experience.

  • Single & unique view of banking customer bringing data from core banking, social, CRM and service request data sources

  • Next Best Action (NBA) features reduces probability of customer churn by proactive customer expereince management

  • Next Best Offer (NBO) helps provide accurate advices to RM for personalized campaigns

  • Role based access to dashboard with data visualizations for different hierarchy of management with drill down options

Key Features

18 Strong Industry Leading Predictable Models

18 Strong Industry Leading Predictable Models

10+ Retail Banking KPI’s Prebuilt in the Platform

10+ Retail Banking KPI’s Prebuilt in the Platform

3 Different Levels Dashboards

3 Different Levels Dashboards Based on Role Hierarchy & Access Points

35+ Customer Insights Helping RMs to Act Upon

35+ Customer Insights Helping
RMs to Act Upon

Data Source Unification

Data Source Unification and Analytics Platform Deployment

Cross Selling / Up Selling Insights

Cross Selling / Up Selling Insights

Single Customer View

Single Customer View

Customer Segmentation based on Purchase Behavior

Customer Segmentation based on Purchase Behavior

RM/BM Custom Dashboards

RM/BM Custom Dashboards for Smart Decision Making with Real Time KPI Coverage

Hyper Personalize the Customer Journey

Hyper Personalize the Customer Journey with Scientifically Validated Insights

KPI Coverage

  • CLTV (CLV/CAC Ratio)
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Churn Rate
  • Referral Propensity
  • Return of Assets
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Cross/Up Selling
  • Channel Usage
  • Next Best Offer
  • Next Best Action

Key Differentiators


KPI Orchestration

Choose most relevant KPI from a bouquet of pluggable KPIs


Dashboard Management

Customizable dashboards for specific banking use cases


Role Based Access

Distinctive role-based access for various levels of business management hierarchy


API Integrable

Easily integrable with CRM, lending platform, Core Banking Solutions, etc

Business Benefits


Customer Success Story: RM Workbench for a US Bank

Project Objectives
The initiative was for creating real-time customer 360 predictive insight for a retail bank to understand the predictive CLTV of the customer.
Key Challenges
  • Creation of  a tool to calculate the real-time CLTV for the relation managers to act on increasing the revenue generation by increasing the customer lifetime value
  • Tool to suggest the relationship managers the next best offer and the next best action for a customer using the CLTV and his product preferences
  • Enable branch manager to have 360-Degree view of the customer and his portfolio
Our Solution
  • Creation of dashboard-based malleable analyses with various data visualization tools can be leveraged at different levels of management, with ability to manage a task-driven sales force using role-based access
  • Creating portfolio’s performance indicators, acquisition costs and customer profitability margin, put in context with calculating the lifetime value and historic trends along with LTV to acquisition cost for a comprehensive experience
Customer Benefits
  • Increased engagement of employees with customer centric activities to increase their profitability
  • Direct guidelines and steps to be taken by the relationship managers are automatically generated which may need further improvisation
  • The amount of business/IT iterations was reduced through process-oriented thinking
  • Overall a new level of business agility was reached while at the same time cost reductions were realized

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