OCR for Bulk Processing in Mortgage: Realizing the Elusive ROI

Enable Faster Closing for Brokers. Learn how to manage bulk processing with smart OCR technology.

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As a wholesale lender, having a win-win relationship with your brokers is a must to drive growth. What can you do to improve the value, you offer to your brokers? Help them respond faster to borrowers by approving loans faster.

By applying smart OCR solutions, you can accelerate the digitization of mortgage applications and respond faster, helping your broker close faster, and retain the borrower relationship.

This whitepaper tries to analyze how OCR matters and what is involved, the key hurdles which prevent mortgage processors in adopting OCR, and some empirical, proven solutions to address these challenges.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is OCR & why it matters in Mortgage?
  • Types of Players in the OCR Industry
  • Reason for Poor Adoption of OCR in Bulk Processing in Mortgage Industry
  • Benefits of OCR in bulk processing scenarios
  • How OCR can be used to drive growth for wholesale lenders