Why and How can Lenders use Mobile as a Competitive Advantage

Accelerate borrower acquisition, leverage mobile. Learn how can you use mobile as a differentiated strategy.

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Competition will be fierce for new mortgages. With mortgage volumes declining, lenders will need to target new buyers and new buyers just love the mobile platform. Lenders will need to deploy technology to accelerate borrower acquisition.

Only those companies that are willing to meet new borrowers when and where they are will have any chance of winning their business. Now lenders can use mobile as a differentiated strategy.

The whitepaper goes into details of the current needs of the new generation of mortgage borrowers, the evidence that points to mobile as the only viable strategy and describes the technological requirements that such an approach requires.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why you need to focus on winning back the mortgage borrower
  • How do lenders meet the needs of the next gen mortgage borrower?
  • Evidence that mobile is a winning strategy
  • The many benefits a mobile-first mortgage services approach offers lenders
  • How can lenders get started on a mobile strategy?