The buyer’s guide to intelligent business automation from IBM

The IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation solution includes modular, integrated intelligent business automation software built for essentially any hybrid cloud, that’s designed to help quickly solve your toughest operational challenges. Our comprehensive solution includes a broad set of AI-powered automation capabilities—process mining and modeling, content services, document processing, decision management, workflow orchestration and tasks—with a flexible model that lets you start small and scale as your needs evolve

What you can do with it?

Discover processes: Pinpoint inefficiencies or hotspots in your operations to help determine where to apply automation for the greatest impact using process mining and modeling.
Apply intelligence: Use the data from automating your operations for machine learning and AI to recommend action and reduce the amount of work people need to do.
Augment your workforce: Build and deploy robotic process automation (RPA) and digital labor to collaborate with humans wherever a higher level of productivity can be achieved, or when backup is needed.
Automate core operations: Apply core automation capabilities—document processing, workflow orchestration, decision management and content services—to key operational areas for greatest impact.

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