Consumer Lending



The mortgage industry’s current climate requires highly effective and transparent processes. With over 20 years of extensive experience in mortgage banking and settlement services, Visionet has leveraged its technical and operational expertise to produce quantifiable business results for mortgage and settlement organizations across the globe.

High-value technologies and services for the automation and operational enhancement of consumer lending organizations

Our unique blend of mortgage lending solutions uses highly automated and controlled processes to seamlessly integrate proven technologies such as workflows, rules engines, and optical character recognition (OCR) with experienced on-shore and off-shore resources. This high-value combination results in significant increases in operational efficiency and compliance levels, lower overall process costs, and more robust data-driven management for our clients.

Cloud-Based Technology Solutions

Visionet has provided trusted outsourcing solutions to the mortgage and lending industry for the past 20 years. This invaluable experience has helped our team develop a suite of cloud-based mortgage lending solutions that significantly enhances business operations for lenders and Title & Appraisal companies. This powerful suite includes:


A configurable document workflow management tool supported by cutting-edge OCR technology for data extraction, document indexing and classification. VisiLoanReview supports loan processing, underwriting document management, pre- and post-closing audits and reviews, loan quality control, and loan due diligence solutions.



A comprehensive vendor services workflow management system. AtClose connects lenders and servicers with third-party service providers, including title and settlement vendors, appraisers, appraisal management companies, credit bureaus, and others. It streamlines and automates associated workflows to ensure deadlines are met and quality is maintained.



Financial institutions spend considerable time and resources identifying vendors that deliver the best results. Most loan origination software (LOS) doesn’t include performance tracking reports or dashboard summaries to facilitate vendor evaluation and comparison.


Uniform Closing Dataset Compliance

Automated tools that convert Closing Disclosure into the Uniform Closing Disclosure dataset required by Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC) in 2017.


Title & Appraisal Outsourcing Services

Visionet has over 10 years of experience supporting the Title and Settlement industry, both the largest and smallest organizations have benefited from our solutions. We offer the ability to outsource a number of the functions of the title and settlement process.


Mortgage Lending Solutions

Visionet’s business automation solutions for the mortgage industry have allowed major Title, Settlement & Appraisal companies to manage operational costs, improve business workflows, and greatly expedite loan processing at every stage.

  • Loan Document Management
  • Title, Settlement, and Appraisal Workflows
  • Lender Vendor Management Solutions
  • Uniform Closing Dataset Compliance
  • Title & Appraisal Outsourcing Services
  • Mortgage Outsourcing Solutions
  • High-Speed Scanning
  • OCR-Based Workflows

Visionet’s scope of expertise continues to grow. Please visit our Industries page to learn more.