CRM Add-ons


CRM Add-ons

Extend your success with Visionet’s CRM Add-ons created specifically keeping your business requirements in mind. Our industry specific custom built Add-ons helps you in reducing deployment time and gives you confidence to move to new technologies.

Visionet offers following CRM Add-ons

  1. Field force automation for Pharmaceuticals Enables end-to-end sales planning, visits, samples, expenses and management of overall field force with complete 360 degree profile of physicians to develop stronger brand presence and better customer relationship to improve overall company’s brand awareness and revenues. More information
  2. Sales and leasing lifecycle for Real Estate Provides automation of entire sales and leasing life cycle with property inventory, facilities management front and service requests automation. This CRM Add-on also automates customer acquisition process, lead capturing, nurturing, managing waiting lists and then routing each customer to specific BTS or BTL process. More information


Visionet capabilities are not limited to only these add-ons, our experts have the experience and expertise to tackle any business requirement and come up with the right CRM add-on.

CRM Technologies:

To learn more about how Visionet can empower your organization using digital technology, please contact a Visionet expert.