CRM Product Upgrade


CRM Product Upgrade

All CRM solutions evolve with the passage of time to meet ever changing business and technology requirements. These changes are transferred to their partners through regular software updates. But integrating these upgrades on existing CRM implementation is not that simple, as each out of the box CRM is tailored and customized to match each business requirement.

With years of experience behind our back, Visionet can provide you with quick and cost effective upgrades for your current CRM implementation. Our CRM experts will do a thorough strategic analysis of your existing CRM implementation and identify all concern areas and suggest you the best way forward. We follow industry’s best practices for product upgrade which starts from taking complete data and system backup till providing technical training on how to fully utilize product upgrade features.

Our Certified Consultants will provide you answers to following critical questions that arise while taking a CRM upgrade decision.

  • What will happen to all the customized workflows and forms?
  • Will existing plugins work like they do before upgrade?
  • Does the release you have implemented have a supported upgrade path?
  • Which path will be better Re-Implementation or Upgrade?
  • How long will it take to upgrade to the new release?
  • What is the most cost and time efficient consuming way to upgrade?
  • What happens to the Data during and after the upgrade?

We will help you to make the transition through the upgrade process possible, which includes workflows re-mapping, forms redesign, reimplementation of plugins, Data migration support and detail technical training to best utilized upgraded CRM.

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