Leverage intelligent marketing to attract, engage, and retain customers

Generate and manage leads

Attract the right customers

Run targeted campaigns using Dynamics 365 Marketing’s automation capabilities, including web landing pages, events, telemarketing, and other channels.

Personalize your customer experience

Use Dynamics 365 Marketing to create and nurture automatically synced leads to personalize buyers’ experiences based on their preferences, cart history, and past interactions.

Easily create campaign assets

Use configurable templates, design tools, and content blocks. Streamline content approvals and seamlessly integrate with external content management systems using Microsoft Power Automate.

Align sales and marketing

Single source of truth

Create a unified view of prospects by integrating data across all contacts, leads, and customers with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Track leads and manage top accounts

Target top accounts and prioritize leads using lead-scoring models and sales readiness grades.

Improve coordination and productivity

Coordinate marketing and sales with prebuilt workflows and follow-ups. Quickly write and send marketing emails to prospects.

Make well-informed decisions

Boost marketing ROI

Use intelligent marketing analytics and built-in or customized dashboards to improve marketing ROI and track performance.

Focus on priorities

Gather insights from multiple lead scoring models and A/B testing for emails to prioritize and focus on high-priority leads.

Address the right audience

Use data from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to gain a unified, 360° view of customers.

Enhance growth and compliance

Extend your capabilities

Personalize and integrate Dynamics 365’s data with third-party systems or with services that you already use.

Maintain compliance

Use built-in compliance features to adhere to regulations and guidelines set by governing bodies or your customers.

Tailor Dynamics 365 Marketing to your needs

Simplify build-and-deploy processes by easily creating custom solutions using intuitive tools like no-code visual editors.


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