Dynamics 365 Retail



The answer to modern retail challenges can be found in the Cloud. Visionet’s ERP solution for retailers provides a consistent management solution across all retail channels. Its power and performance deliver a superior customer experience, even during periods of peak demand.

Unify channels, customer experience, commerce and operations with HauteLogic to transform and grow your retail business

The traditional retail model requires a complete, transformative solution that will:

  • Shorten replenishment cycles
  • Produce a consistent customer experience across digital and traditional channels
  • Grant real-time, omni-channel information access to operations, partners, and consumers

Visionet’s HauteLogic is a unified, cloud-based solution that leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to accelerate the digital transformation of your retail business. By combining our industry-leading consulting, strategy, implementation, and technology capabilities, HauteLogic creates an integrated, agile, and globally supported commerce solution that enables modern retailers to exceed their customers’ evolving expectations.

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A single cloud based solution for unifying channels, operations and partners

By combining our industry leading consulting, strategy, implementation and technology capabilities, Visionet provides a globally supported, flexible, agile, and unified commerce solution which, empowers modern retailers to not only meet, but exceed their customers evolving expectations by providing brand right experience.

HauteLogic – Visionet’s vertical solution for Dynamics 365 for Retail

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with HauteLogic + Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

  • Product Lifecycle Management: Embedded product master and design specifications
  • Advanced Supply Chain: Supply chain enhancements geared for greater efficiency
  • AcuitySparkReal time and analytical insights for all aspects of your retail business
  • CommerceLinkSimplified Channel Management and Cross channel Fullfilment
  • PartnerlinkSteamlines partner communication with powerful web based EDI solution.

Visionet’s regularly adds new products to its line of digital solutions. Please visit our Solutions page for our latest range.