EAM for Dynamics 365

EAM for Dynamics 365 Overview

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers you to improve capital asset management, thereby augmenting reliability, optimizing predictive maintenance, and ensuring regulatory compliance. It provides you with a singular, real-time view of all assets across the organization.

With global development experience and a world class Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting team, Visionet enables you to manage physical assets using industry best practices and translate your company’s physical asset management into your competitive advantage.

With EAM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution, users can:

  • Track and monitor complete maintenance history of an asset which in turn allows managers to make key decisions about an asset and to eliminate disparate data sources
  • Schedule and plan upcoming maintenance activities, including inventory purchases, to reduce downtime of an asset and increase efficiency
  • Track consumption of expensive spare part and implement tight control over its usage
  • Track tools being used for maintenance and team associates utilizing such tools
  • Improve decision making through consolidating and analyzing essential information on all types of assets

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

EAM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is tightly integrated with other modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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