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Take advantage of EC2’s flexibility, security, dependability, and scalability

As an AWS Managed Service provider, we provide EC2 Consulting Services to assist you in creating a scalable and highly robust system that fosters innovation and smooth cloud migration. Our AWS-certified team provides you with the knowledge and assistance you require to create a reliable and cost-effective cloud solution. We do this by leveraging AWS’s capabilities and Windows-based deployment on EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Autoscaling Windows Workloads, and Highly Available and Multi-Region SQL Server with complete monitoring solutions using CloudWatch, CloudTrail, SNS, SES & Quick Sight – eliminating the need for hardware investment and assisting speedy development and deployment of applications.

Why Visionet’s EC2 Services?

The simple web service interface for Amazon EC2 makes it easy for you to get and set up capacity. It gives you complete control over your computing resources and enables you to utilize the dependable computing environment provided by Amazon. Visionet Systems, being a Service Delivery Partner for AWS EC2 Services, has extensive experience in leveraging EC2 services that are the best fit within your architecture/environment and multiple migration experiences.

Through our EC2 Services you get:

Higher Reliability and Performance

Greater Security and Identity Services

Secure and Resizable Compute Capacity

Lower TCO

Flexible Licensing Options

Ample Storage Space

Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) Experience

Our Approach with EC2 Workloads


  • Requirement assessment and Use cases discovery
  • Find the Gaps if there are any
  • Building Solution Architecture


  • Greenfield Deployment
  • Brownfield Deployment 
  • Migrating applications to AWS (e.g., .NET, Java) 
  • SQL Server Databases to AWS 
  • Migrating SharePoint and multiple other applications (e.g., ServiceNow, AV, FileMaker) 
  • Setup Appliances (e.g., CyberArk, Palo Alto, Open Text ERM)


  • Cost Optimization Strategies
  • Performance Optimization  
  • Post Migration Optimization


  • 24/7 Support & Incident Remediation 
  • In-place upgrade 
  • Periodic Security & Compliance Audits and Patching 
  • Monitoring & Reporting 


Case Study

Consolidated Support for Multiple Companies in a Single AtClose Application Interface

Case Study

A Leading Bank in North America achieves Excellence in Post Close Audit Process

Case Study

Top 5 US Bank saves 53% Cost in Servicing Mortgages using DocVu.AI

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