PartnerLink – EDI Management for Dynamics 365


PartnerLink offers businesses seamless and cost-effective data interchange. With its EDI-optimized business rule engine, intuitive exception handling, and detailed reporting capabilities, PartnerLink improves EDI throughput and integrates effortlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. PartnerLink improves EDI throughput by leveraging its native support for all major EDI formats and a business rule engine optimized for EDI transactions. After initial integration, PartnerLink leverages its extensive business rule library and native support for multiple EDI formats to map business rules and onboard new partners with little or no additional cost or effort.

Reasons why you need a better EDI platform

Traditional EDI platforms have multiple limitations. Partner onboarding can be time-consuming and frustrating, and communicating with partners that don’t use EDI requires expensive, difficult-to-maintain customization. Complicated error tracking, poor transaction visibility, and vendor rule management lead to expensive chargebacks that can severely impact your margins.

PartnerLink simplifies partner onboarding by supporting business rule-based transactions with businesses with existing EDI setups as well as non-EDI businesses. Its advanced business rule engine and extensive pre-configured business rule library make it easy to configure, save, and reuse business rules for multiple partner organizations and EDI scenarios.

PartnerLink can be configured to generate alerts that are triggered when specific conditions are met, and can be used to quickly identify EDI bottlenecks or errors. These notifications are a critical component of PartnerLink’s error handling functionality and can help reduce business costs by preventing chargebacks and low transaction throughput.


Seamlessly meshed with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Some EDI solutions are so strongly coupled with their parent ERP systems that even minor reconfiguration can cause ripple effects throughout the ERP platform that are expensive and time-consuming to correct. Many of these solutions rely on hard-coding or other primitive mapping techniques to associate EDI data with corresponding fields in the ERP system, which makes reconfiguration a time-consuming and effortful process.

Visionet has designed PartnerLink as a cloud-based or on-premises add-on that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing high performance and ease of use. However, the EDI subsystem remains decoupled and independent from the ERP platform, allowing EDI reconfigurations without also requiring changes to your Dynamics 365 deployment. Integrating your ERP and EDI platforms in this way enables efficient, automated data exchange while keeping maintenance and operational costs low. PartnerLink uses a highly flexible and configurable mapping engine that intelligently matches data types across platforms, and allows easy remapping as business needs change.


Configurable business rule engine and error correction

Complicated EDI interfaces and procedures result in errors and require expensive and time-consuming user training. To address these challenges, PartnerLink was designed with usability in mind. Its range of tools make it easy to configure and manage business rules for each partner and document type, schedule batch jobs, and correct any transaction errors that might arise. Using the extensive set of reporting tools included with PartnerLink, users can gain a broad overview of rule compliance and transaction status, and generate custom reports on EDI-related dimensions and measures.


Core capabilities that make PartnerLink a powerful data interchange platform

  • Secure, cloud-based or on-premises deployment model
  • Supports connectivity with VAN and/or directly with trading partners
  • Preconfigured transaction sets and predefined standard rules for quick setup
  • Easy management of partner-specific and document-specific rules
  • Configurable business rule validation, including documents, partners or company specific rules
  • User-friendly job scheduler with support for batch jobs
  • Built-in reporting and alerts
  • Intuitive workflows for data correction and reprocessing
  • Comprehensive management console for managing the entire EDI operations
  • Centralized error handling
  • Works with a variety of data formats both EDI and NON-EDI
    1. ASC X12
    2. Delimited or fixed-position ASCII
    3. XML
    4. cXML
    5. RosettaNet
    6. PIDX
    7. CODE (Oildex)

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