EVVA Freedom App

App to freedom
Secure and integrated application for effortless tracking, storage, and validation of health check and testing records

Regular tests and immunizations are essential for a safe future

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely limited the freedom of people and businesses alike by restricting life and disrupting operations. For these restrictions to ease down, regular testing and vaccinations hold the key to a safe future. Technology has provided the answer to this challenge, but most solutions only cover limited areas and don’t handle security concerns efficiently.

Take back your freedom with a single app

The EVVA Freedom App is Visionet’s joint initiative within the healthcare sector and administrative departments in Bavaria to enable a way out of the cobweb of COVID-19. It’s an end-to-end secure and all-in-one solution intended to: 

  • Deliver a higher quality of life and social contact 
  • Empower companies to safely do business 
  • Allow children to attend school in a safe and orderly manner again 
  • Allow seniors to visit their loved ones safely 

App for Everything

Manage everything from COVID-19 PCR test, vaccination certificates, appointment scheduling, contact tracking, donor cards, emergency passport, and more

Convenient access

In case of loss of the physical test or vaccination pass, the app acts as your digital repository to present the requested documents as and when needed


All the critical data is securely and seamlessly synchronized in real time between doctors, laboratories, and patients

End-to-end security

Whether testing or vaccinating, results are stored in a blockchain in a highly secure manner and used in compliance with the GDPR

Frank Scholz, Chief Executive Officer, Visionet Europe

“With this app, we're making our social contribution to the return to a free life.”

Dr Heinz

Dr. Heinz Leuchtgens is general practitioner and a member of “Medical center at the train station” (https://www.ärztezentrum-wörishofen.de)

“With our app, everyone who's been vaccinated, and everyone who's been tested can finally prove their status in a tamper-proof way.”


Dr. Christian Lenz is a lawyer and partner of “dhpg” ( www.dhpg.de )

“Your data is tamper-proof, thanks to Blockchain technology. And it is used in accordance with the GDPR.”