Reimagine the way insurers operate and serve customers – driving growth powered by cutting-edge technologies

Our Value Propositions

Elevate Actuarial Efficiency

Actuarial transformation delivering significant process efficiencies, reduced risks, and cost savings for actuaries.

Accelerate Business Transformation

Helping insurers reduce the risks in transformation programs by adapting automation in risk modelling and financial reporting.

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Big Data-driven Decision Making

Building an integrated data ecosystem with predictive models for enabling faster decision making across the insurance value chain.

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27 Years of Technology and Domain Excellence

Digitally Transforming Insurance

Customers today expect insurers to go beyond just the financial risk obligations and provide customized solutions that meet their changing preferences – often demanding superior digital experiences.

Visionet partners with global insurers to transform the way they operate, serve customers, and drive revenue with a digital edge – using technologies that leverage big data, AI/ML, and intelligent automation. Our solutions center on streamlining products, speeding up underwriting, boosting customer and agent experiences, giving actuaries more control, raising operational efficiency, and reducing expenses. Our solutions backed with: 

  • Secured ODCs across global locations
  • Industry focused solutions and accelerators 
  • Technology partnerships with leading global enterprises

Segments We Serve

Life Insurance

Property and Casualty

Areas of Expertise

Actuarial Automation

Actuarial Automation

Empowering actuaries to seamlessly design, deploy, and execute complex model runs through accelerators that significantly reduce the closing cycle time and improve actuarial process efficiency.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Helping insurers reduce the risks in transformation programs by adapting automation in risk modelling and financial reporting.

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data & Analytics

Improving decision accuracy by faster portfolio, claims, underwriting analysis by using our Big Data and AI/ML capabilities.

Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Leveraging robotics and AI- enabled intelligent automation across the insurance value chain for better customer engagement and process efficiency.

Business Operations Support

Business Operations Support

Enabling operational efficiency and cost reductions by leveraging process engineering with global delivery models.

CAT Modeling Support

CAT Modeling Support

Risk analysis and catastrophe modeling, helping insurers and reinsurers in better risk assessment and management.

Underwriting Support

Underwriting Support

Underwriting transformation with business model consulting and process redesign helping insurers improve risk assessment.

Claims Processing

Claims Processing

Digitization of claims process using data and AI capabilities enabling better and faster claims handling and incident reporting leading to improved customer delight.

Billing Management

Billing Management

Billing management support to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Products & Solutions


Channel Discovery Platform

Data platform with built-in KPIs to build predictability in customer engagement and revenue.


Actuarial Automation Solution

Streamline actuarial processes, shrink closing cycle time, and improve efficiency.

Cloud Studio

Multi-cloud Management Platform

Multi-cloud management for observability, service management, financial governance, and security governance.


Cloud Services

End-to-end services to build hybrid, secure, resilient cloud environment.

Digital Experience

Redefine customer journey with personalized customer experiences.

Data & AI

Data-driven and AI/ML enabled business models and customer-centric solutions.

Intelligent Process Automation

Making the processes intelligent and transforming how the work gets done.

Business Process Services

Digitize the business processes for operational efficiency.

Enterprise Integration

Achieve interoperability with multiple applications faster.

AMS, QA & Testing

Transform product experiences with software modernization

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