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Merging the Physical and Digital Worlds

Our IoT services help enterprises intelligently connect things, data, processes, and people to remain resilient in the modern world today. As an IoT services provider, we help you create a highly valuable ecosystem that spurs innovation and delivers key business outcomes including operational efficiency and better returns.


Visionet’s strong engineering experience coupled with industry and technology knowledge allows us to intelligently merge the physical and digital worlds to deliver end-to-end integrated IoT solutions, spanning across consulting, development, integration, platform and support services. Our AI-powered offerings enable secure, scalable, resilient IoT infrastructure seamlessly, all while ensuring business growth.

Our Offerings

IoT Strategy and Consulting Services

  • Use-cases proposal by business functions
  • Money map and ROI analysis
  • IT & OT readiness and feasibility
  • POC and establishing the value add 
  • IoT-based process and policy optimization
  • Infrastructure for IoT (planning), compliance assessment of infrastructure, and IoT platform cost estimation and optimization

IoT Data Platform Services

  • IoT Streaming Engine Design
  • Device Management and Security
  • IoT Schema and Data Store Design
  • IoT Alarms and Actuation
  • IoT AI Fabric Design
  • AI Design on the Edge
  • Visualizations and Command-and-Control Center Design 
  • DataOps, MLOps

Where Can We Add Value?

Healthcare IoT

Making connected care possible

  • Accurate reporting and asset tracking
  • Monitoring of protocol adherence in clinical trials
  • AI-based wearable sensor illness severity detection
  • Exact treatment based on current feedback
  • Drug access control based on RFID and biometrics
  • Diagnostics fueled by AI and computer vision, camera
  • Drug testing using vision-based rodent activity analysis
  • wearable rehabilitation monitoring powered by sensors

IoT-driven Logistics

Complete IoT Logistics Solution

  • Warehouse IoT
  • Driver and vehicle monitoring
  • video tracking for dashcams
  • Inventory tracking via RFID
  • Fresh food/perishables tracking in transit using BLE

Industry 4.0

Supporting industrial optimization

  •  Smart appliances for factories
  • Monitoring industrial waste of raw materials
  • OOE monitoring for every work-center
  • AI-powered use of byproduct gasses and utility mix
  • AI planning and forecasting for idling reduction, cost-optimization, and redundancy tuning
  • Digital twins and predictive upkeep

IoT for Retail Industry

Enabling smart retail

  • Intelligent clothing try-on
  • RFID-based retail inventory tracking system
  • Analysis of customer linger time using cameras and Bluetooth beacons

Connectivity Technologies


Legacy Hardware Communication Protocols


Wearable Device Cloud End-points

Cloud-native IoT Infrastructures

Accelerators on Multiple Clouds

Peak Traffic Amid Horizontal Auto-Scaling

Supports Scalability and Design Flexibility

Seamless Integration with the World’s Best Cloud Service Providers

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