Visionet Lambda Services

As an AWS Partner, we provide strategic consultancy regarding application transformation objectives and developing technology to help deliver cost-effective cloud solutions. By utilizing services like API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudFront, CloudFormation, and RDS, we help enterprises make the most of their AWS capabilities. Moreover, through Automation, DevOps, and CI/CD, we support multi-functional teams in developing forward-thinking strategies and highly reliable, secure, and fault-tolerant systems.

Why Visionet’s AWS Lambda Services?

As an AWS Partner, we help you harness the maximum power and benefits of the cloud by running your codes on a cloud environment without worrying about server and cluster management. Why is lambda a great option? With Lambda, you can draw in any volume of visitors to expand your business and make more data-driven decisions to cater to specific client demands.

Through our AWS Lambda Services, you get:

Faster Functionality and Deployment

Excellent DevOps Support

Pay-as-you-go Pricing Plans

Hassle-free Management of Servers

High Availability

Seamless Integration with Other AWS Services through Events

Bring Your Own Code

Complete Automated Administration & Monitoring

Automatic Scaling

Connection to Relational Databases

Run Code in Response to Amazon CloudFront Requests

Orchestration of Multiple Functions

Integrated Security Model

Our Approach


  • Initial requirements and finalization of use cases
  • Gap Analysis
  • Developing architecture solutions using best practices


  • Implementation of serverless computation (leveraging the use of existing code if required) Setup custom backend services
  • API Integration with required AWS & third-party services.
  • Setup event-based Lambda triggers


  • Cost optimization strategies
  • Performance optimization  


  • 24/7 Support & Incident Remediation  
  • Guidance on upgrading to new releases
  • Periodic Security & Compliance Audits
  • Monitoring & Reporting


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