Microsoft BizTalk Server


Automating and Optimizing Business Processes Using a Simple and Coherent Integration

Visionet Systems can make BizTalk Server work for you. Visionet offers its consulting expertise in development and administration of a renowned automation tool, Microsoft BizTalk Server. Visionet’s cost-effective BizTalk services enable our clients to seamlessly automate their business processes and messaging system to improve overall organization’s performance. Visionet has ability to utilize the salient features of BizTalk Server to empower its customers, all over the world, to efficiently connect systems, data and processes.

Visionet is a full service BizTalk and SharePoint based solutions provider, intending our experience addresses the entire SDLC and all the related tools and technologies including SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, IIS, and one of Microsoft’s fastest growing product i.e. SharePoint. We provide installation/configuration and other technical consultation related to Microsoft BizTalk development.

Visionet’s highly skilled Microsoft Certified BizTalk consultants have helped many well knows companies. Our BizTalk development and administration team helps the business organizations to overcome their business process management problems, by analyzing, designing, developing and integrating customized BizTalk solutions in their workflow process. We provide implementation methodologies/options to consider while designing a BizTalk production environment.

Our professional BizTalk consultants make your BizTalk implementation go smoothly, integrating multiple applications across diverse platforms both internal systems and external parties, exchanging data and orchestrating business procedures even more efficiently and effectively.

Visionet provides the following functions to its clients for different versions of BizTalk Server (2006 R2, 2009, 2010 and 2013):

  1. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  2. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  3. Business Process Automation (BPA)
  4. Business-To-Business (B2B) Communication
  5. Enterprise Service Bus Implementation using Microsoft ESB Toolkit
  6. AS2 and EDI Implementation
  7. WCF, SOAP Implementation Expertise
  8. Business Rule Engine (BRE) Implementation for Dynamic Behavior
  9. Mainframe and AS400 Host Integration
  10. Oracle Financial Integration
  11. Online Shopping Websites Integration
  12. Integration with Supply Chain ERPs
  13. Integration with LOB Applications
  14. Integrating Master Data Services (MDS)
  15. Secure Communication with Banking Applications
  16. Communication with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  17. Integration with SSRS Reports
  18. Environment Assessment and Health Checks
  19. Database Monitoring as well as BizTalk Message Tracking
  20. Alerts using Microsoft Operation Management (MOM) Services
  21. BizTalk Administration and 24/7 Production Support
  22. BizTalk Performance Boost
  23. BizTalk Installations, Configuration, Development, Deployment, Support and Maintenance
  24. Upgrade/Migration of BizTalk Server 2006 R2 or BizTalk Server 2009 or BizTalk Server 2010 to BizTalk Server 2013
  25. Formal and Informal Training, Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer
  26. Proof of Concepts and Pilot Applications


Product Download Case Study

Automation of 3rd party UPC creation, the business needed the ability to capture 3rdparty UPCs against 3rdparty product code into user’s ERP system automatically to eliminate manual data entry. This streamlined the distribution receipt process and eliminated manual date errors.

The business had a desire to use the vendor product code configuration as long as there are no system constraints. This also reduced the amount of manual data entry that will be needed to support 3rd party product.

Provided ability to create a customer sales order in ERP with the ability to download the sale order into an excel spreadsheet. This is needed to facilitate the order going to the 3rd party venders for confirmation while reducing duplicate data entry.

Ability of creation of factory purchase order (to receive against) for 3rd party product from sales orders that are created in ERP. It was beneficial to the business after reducing the manual entry of a purchase order by creating a vender purchase order from sales orders.

To learn more about how Visionet can empower your organization using digital technology, please contact a Visionet expert.