Microsoft SharePoint VisiMigrate



VisiMigrate makes easy it is to transform the content from Lotus Notes to SharePoint over-the-web or through its on-premise edition securely. VisiMigrate provides automated content migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft SharePoint. It seamlessly migrates content from Lotus Notes depositaries to SharePoint lists and libraries.

VisiMigrate is designed to minimize the impact and cost associated with the migration. It is available in two versions: Lite edition, which is over-the-web thin client based solution for standard Lotus Notes content migration; and the Enterprise version with more granular control over the software features used for migration, which is better suited for complex Lotus Notes environments and data migration for non-standard Lotus Notes databases. Both the versions support content migrations from Lotus Notes / Domino.doc and Lotus QuickPlace / Quickr and provide automated mapping to the various SharePoint content types.

In addition to the basic Lotus Notes to SharePoint content migration functions, VisiMigrate Enterprise extends features that help the IT professionals to extract security information from Lotus Notes platform, or strung together using a script to automate the steps required for migration.

Customized Notes Databases

One of the key challenges with migrating Lotus Notes content to SharePoint is the existence of customized Lotus Notes databases that either don’t use standard Lotus Notes database templates or considerably extend their functionality. Some custom applications require customized business logic and rich GUI controls to properly offer a usable screen interface to the users.

Visionet offers a cost-effective SharePoint forms customization services to accommodate migration of such complex Lotus Notes applications. Visionet utilizes HTML 2.0 features such as AJAX to offer contemporary user interface for legacy Lotus Notes applications that uses SharePoint applications and contains the business logic resulting in easier and cost effective platform migration.

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