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Visionet is one of the most preferred Microsoft partner in Portals and Collaboration solutions. Since 2001, Visionet has been actively involved in providing SharePoint solutions in the form of strategy, design, deployment, upgrade, migration and support services to Fortune 1000 companies across the globe.

Visionet’s SharePoint services encompass establishing the SharePoint platform the right way for collaboration and content management. It ensures user adaption by making the most use of the simple yet advanced features in the SharePoint platform like workflow-enabled applications and SharePoint’s corporate and self-service BI models.

Our global team of seasoned industry experts and certified Microsoft SharePoint specialists possess a deep understanding of the SharePoint ecosystem and applies its combined talent to transform the way your business approaches knowledge collaboration.

Visionet’s SharePoint Service Offerings

SharePoint Deployment

Visionet has deep experience with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online and Office 365. Our specialists can give you a firsthand look at the capabilities in the latest version of SharePoint and discuss how its unique strengths can be used to support your people and streamline your business processes.

SharePoint Migration

Visionet is expert in both Microsoft SharePoint (on-premise and cloud) and many modern and legacy platforms that can be migrated to SharePoint. Over the years, our experienced SharePoint migration team has provided consultation for and successfully delivered upon complex SharePoint migration projects. Visionet also leverages its VisiMigrate* tool which is specifically designed to migrate legacy environments such as IBM’s Lotus Notes to SharePoint databases, forms and content.

SharePoint Administrative Support

Visionet has improved process efficiency for many SharePoint users by providing a wide range of SharePoint administration services. These value-added services can help you achieve the results you need while driving down TCO. With dedicated Visionet personnel manning your SharePoint service desk, your IT staff can manage other critical technology concerns more efficiently.

SharePoint’s Advanced Implementation

When out-of-the-box Microsoft SharePoint features fall short of end-user’s business requirements, Visionet’s advanced implementation services and tailor-made solutions can help you achieve the results you need. Visionet assists its customers in implementing advanced features to ultimately increase the SharePoint adoption amongst your business users.


VisiMigrate is a proprietary Visionet tool that allows customers to transform their LN forms, content and databases from Lotus Notes to SharePoint. VisiMigrate will also allow for simple Domino code migration to C Sharp. Visionet utilizes the VisiMigrate migration tool as a service to streamline your migration effort, reduce time to market and allow you to decommission costly licenses for legacy environments. Visionet utilizes VisiMigrate to assess inventory of Lotus Notes DBs, Forms, etc. to time-box resource and level effort for your migration.

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