MDP Offering Overview

Step ahead in today’s era of continuous innovation and rising competition by leveraging Visionet’s extensive expertise in designing and implementing Modern Data Platforms that allow you to accelerate your organization’s growth and meet your business objectives.


Our Modern Data Platform solutions enable you to ingest data from multiple sources and consolidate it into a robust data model- allowing you to leverage advanced analytics tools and AI/ML algorithms to activate data and extract rich, actionable insights to fuel your business decisions.


Visionet’s proven track record in architecting Modern Data Platform solutions based on your unique needs allows you to overcome the challenges that stem from fragmented data sources, siloed data, lack of scalability, and inefficient data warehousing. With Modern Data Platforms you can not only understand, unify, mobilize and govern your data but can also create a unified and transparent record of truth that empowers you to drive business value.

Benefits (Visionet’s expertise/USP)

Unified data platform with centralized, integrated data from disparate sources

A single version of truth across the organization with consolidated data

Increased operational performance

Reduced redundancy by optimizing processes and eliminating bottlenecks

Reduced operational costs

Ensure data integrity and quality

Scalable data infrastructure

Reduced security breaches

Improved data discovery and access

Enablement of self-serve analytics, cross-source reporting, and dashboarding to drive data-driven decision making

Enablement of near real-time data processing, reporting, and advanced analytics

Ability to augment current analytics with AI/ML-based algorithms and advanced data science tools

Creation of data-as-a-service & other data monetization opportunities

Key Components

Data Lakehouse

Data lakehouse system makes use of inexpensive storage to maintain vast volumes of data in their unprocessed forms. By adding the metadata layer on top of the store, it also gives data the structure and empowers teams with the best data management tools. This makes it possible for many teams to access all of the company data through a unified system for a variety of initiatives, such as data science, machine learning, and business intelligence.

Modernize your data ecosystem with a Data Lakehouse which combines the benefits of data lakes and data warehouses and enables organizations to maximize their efficiency by providing cost effective data storage, reduced data movement, access to complete & updated data, and unified data schemas & governance. With these advantages, Data Lakehouses allow business users to easily extract value by analyzing large volumes of data quickly using advanced BI tools & AI/ML techniques.

Data Governance

Define robust governance policies that bring together people, processes & technologies to ensure reliability, completeness, accountability and compliance of data in order to enable easier collaboration between stakeholders and achieve business objectives.      

Data Fabric

Maximize business value with Data Fabric which utilizes the power of machine learning along with knowledge graphs to create seamless data integrations and facilitate faster decision making by providing a 360° view to business users of all enterprise data. Using intelligent integration combined with core capabilities of data catalogues, data engineering and data governance, Data Fabric provides business users easy access to high-quality data for their analytics needs while ensuring compliance with privacy rules.

Data Virtualization

Reap benefits of rich and diverse sources of data within your organization by using advanced integration capabilities of a Data Virtualization layer which allows users to access data across all enterprise systems from their existing locations without the need for replicating data. This approach provides users with integrated data in real-time, enabling them to search, govern and analyze unified data to create data visualizations and perform advanced analytics. 

Data Mesh

Leverage the power of a distributed data architecture and decentralized data management with Data Mesh which transfers responsibility for data quality & security to respective business domains while providing a connectivity layer that allows business users across the organization to access and analyze data securely, quickly and easily. Data Mesh enables organizations to think of data as a product and create a data-first culture by allowing convenient and secure access to data based on user needs and creating a true self-service business intelligence transformation.

Metadata Management

Create a comprehensive metadata management strategy to aggregate all metadata in a single repository and make it easily accessible to all business users, thereby allowing them to organize, track and utilize data as needed. With strong metadata management policies, organizations can ensure improved data quality, increase operational efficiency by reducing redundancy, and extract the true value of data by making data-backed decisions.

Data Quality

Ensure completeness, accuracy, reliability & consistency of your data by defining data quality metrics, measurement criteria, and data assessment rules to ensure the right data is always available to business users. Having a robust data quality strategy in place ensures all decisions based on data are sound, thus improving business efficiency and maximizing value.


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More than 85% reduction in job execution time

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