Natural Adabas to JAVA/.NET


Natural Adabas re-engineering to Java/.NET application system while adding 30% new business functionality, enhanced system along with documentation, code and automated scripts

Natural Adabas Migration to JAVA/ .NET

Visionet helps clients to move from legacy, Natural programming language and Adabas database to either the Microsoft .NET development framework or J2EE while adding new business functionality. Visionet delivers an enhanced system along with documentation, software code and automated testing scripts back to the customer.

The Challenges of Migration – A green screen system to a 3-Tier application

Natural Adabas employs dated technologies and it is very difficult to optimize the application development and maintenance. Natural Adabas suffers from the following issues, each of which can severely influence organizational capability:

  • Lack of available support resources
  • Cost of ownership
  • Uncertain lifespan of language and database
  • Complexity of IT portfolio
  • Mismatch with current industry directions
  • Vendor lock-in
  • Slower development and longer time to market than competitors

The above listed issues will become increasingly acute over time, eventually making the platform impossible or impractical to run. Rewriting the system yourself is a high-risk, expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Using a generator to convert code shifts vendor lock-in from one company to another. And retaining the existing architecture is unlikely to be suitable for the new environment.

For your existing Adabas/Natural environment and desired outcomes, we identify suitable initial applications to migrate and give reasonable cost estimates, timeframe and resource requirements for undertaking the entire migration. We migrate your Adabas database to a relational database platform such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle. We migrate your applications using either C# for .NET or Java.

Visionet does not make functional changes to the client’s existing applications. Visionet rewrites the system according to the desired specifications. Visionet uses XML capability to make it easier to connect, modern relational database and object oriented programming techniques and consistent web browser interfaces to make the application easier to access and use. We freeze the existing application for a very limited period to reduce the risk of functional drift and finally migrate the entirely automated system.

Benefits of Migration Service

The major benefits of Migration for Natural Adabas are:

  • Reduce license costs
  • Reduce the complexity of your technical portfolio
  • Increase access to affordable and rapidly available technical resources by moving to modern, commonly used languages and database platforms
  • Create good-quality, maintainable code
  • Reduce risk through database synchronization
  • Increase testing and rollout options
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of application development
  • Maintenance of application using current development tools
  • Create complete and accurate documentation
  • Increase the ease of interfacing
  • Reduce end-user training requirements
  • Create a more secure technical roadmap for the future

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