Platform Upgrade & Re-engineering


Upgrading and Modernizing Your Present IT Applications According to Changing Digital Trends

Platform upgrade and re-engineering are crucial processes for organizations to constantly upgrade themselves in order to keep up with modern technology and business standards. Organizations face difficulties while optimizing their business processes due to the legacy systems they use, while these legacy systems escalate maintenance costs.

Visionet offers a strategic way to help organizations build a long term plan that integrates platform upgrade and re-engineers their IT infrastructure in a timely and cost effective manner. Smart and predictable re-engineering and upgrade processes support the developing needs of organizations, without hampering any existing business processes.

Our platform upgrade and re-engineering services are focus on helping our customers reduce their maintenance costs and upgrade their existing applications. There are several stages of readiness to start the migration or re-engineering. Depending on the stage, where the customer is at the moment, Visionet offers:

  • Migration Assessment
  • Solution Porting
  • Solution Upgrade
  • Solution Re-Engineering
  • Data Migration

The service covers the entire spectrum of an application re-engineering project as shown in the table below:


The methodology not only provides the project roadmap to Visionet’s team of professionals undertaking a re-engineering project, but it also provides the management and IS staff of our customers a clear sense of how Visionet will complete the assignment and what are the counterpart inputs expected of the customer.

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