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Secure and frictionless EDI, API and file-based connectivity solution for digital business communication between trading partners

PartnerLinQ by Visionet enables businesses to effortlessly scale their data exchange workloads and quickly onboard new trading partners. It helps Headless Commerce, 3PL, retail, eCommerce, Food & Beverages, CPG, and a wide array of other divisions to achieve operational efficiency and real-time visibility for their supply chain.
Easily configure scheduled and triggered batch transfers. Intuitively monitor inbound and outbound transactions. Handle exceptions and ensure that transfers comply with your partners’ business rules to avoid expensive chargebacks.


Cross-channel predictive analytics in an instant

AcuitySpark gives retailers and consumer goods organizations a 360° view of their customers, operations, and financials across all physical and digital channels for agile, data-driven decision-making.
Identify supply chain bottlenecks, and top-performing stores, staff, and products. View company-wide stock levels at a glance. Receive near-real time sell-through and replenishment order analysis. Use sales data to create targeted marketing campaigns.


End-to-end cloud-based omnichannel retail and supply chain management solution for Apparel & Footwear
With a wealth of apparel-specific features and native Dynamics 365 integration, HauteLogic by Visionet is a complete solution for your fashion label.
Improve time to market with preconfigured business processes and extensions for apparel businesses. Receive real-time analytics for complete operational visibility. Manage vendors, sourcing, pricing, inventory, shipping, and more from a single solution.


End-to-end cloud-based title closing platform
AtClose offers business solutions through an adaptive, cloud-based technology delivering the maximum operating leverage. Use automation to enhance a plethora of manual processes and provides seamless integration with multiple vendors as well.


Intelligent Document Processing Platform which quickly converts your stack of files to neatly segregated/categorized digital documents and extracted data

DocVu.AI leverages the power of AI/ML to deliver 95% first-time accuracy which gets better with usage. It is uniquely poised to solve typical problems of the Mortgage industry with 200+ standard document templates and 2000+ data points specific to the industry.


Comprehensive multi-tier Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation plan designed to enable rapid eCommerce adoption

Leveraging Visionet’s powerful accelerators and enhancers integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, Catapult’s quick-start plans are tailored to your business requirements to enable incredible digital buying experiences.


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