Field Digital Marketing Solution for Contextual Content Across Different Field Locations

Businesses require key data to be made available to the field representatives in order to enhance prospect and customer experience.

With our enterprise grade mobility solution your business can significantly enhance and customize user experience by leveraging mobile based access to rich media content specific to target’s context (language, product etc.).

Key Features

Rich Media Delivery
Marketing content can be delivered across a range of formats, including Text, PDF, Videos, etc.
Context Aware System
Depending on the geography, the application updates the content for a personalized experience.
Works in Low Connectivity
The application syncs up the data in the background resulting in uninterrupted high-quality content delivery even in the low connectivity regions.

Product Snapshots


Personalized Marketing Intelligence
for Field Executives
Easier Sharing of Information
on New Product Launches
High Quality Experience Delivered
with Adobe Experience Manager
Real Time Dissemination
of Marketing Collaterals
Low Network Dependency
for Seamles Delivery in Remote Locations
Digital Transformation Enabler
for Field Marketing
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