Underwriting Services


Local, Efficient and Affordable

Our deep expertise includes manual underwriting, condition review/approval, collateral risk, quality control, credit risk, fraud risk, repurchase appeals and claims management. Visionet has a team of experienced people who have performed underwriting for various marquee lending institutions.

Visionet uses its own platforms to automate as much as possible. VisiHCLAS for high cost lending analysis, VisiLoanReview for underwriting review and due diligence, VisiRepurchase for Reps and Warrants management. These state of the art workflow based platforms are integrated though a solution called VisiDataBridge for seamless data and document transfers.

Visionet currently pre-underwrites/underwrites the following single family products:

  • FHA- Purchase
  • FHA- Refinance
  • Conventional Ins- Purchase
  • Conventional Ins- Refinance
  • VA Purchase
  • VA Refinance
  • USDA
  • Construction Loans

One Stop Shop

CFPB Review

  • Ability to Repay – 43% Test
  • Document Review to Ensure Safe Harbor Origination
  • Document to Data Integrity Checks
  • Predatory lending Check
  • RESPA Review
  • Program Guideline Adherence on Fees & Points

PI Information Review

  • ASSA Identity Check
  • Address and Income Verification
  • Manual verification of income/employment
  • OFAC, Death, Lien, Bankruptcy checks
  • IRS 4506-T
  • Credit report check
  • Occupancy Verification

Appraisal Review

  • BPO Quality Check
  • AMC Interaction and Quality Review

Financial Verification

  • Asset Verification and Review
  • Real Estate assets


Our OCR solutions deliver high speed automated indexing, data extraction, signature detection and verification, HUD preparation and GFE chain verifications. Our AutoHud solution does in minutes what takes hours manually.

HUD Prep

Our HUD Preparation comprises of gathering and compiling lender, third party, borrower and settlement agent fees and completing HUD I settlement statements.

For a decent, safe and affordable housing our HUD preparation Service proves to be fruitful. HUD settlement statement is prepared in accordance with the lender’s closing instructions and the requirements of the title insurance commitment, if applicable. Preliminary HUD settlement statement is provided to the lender and/or investor for approval prior to the physical signing, if necessary.

Bankruptcy & Judgment Searches

To check if there is any Bankruptcy filed against the borrower by using the PACER site and upload the search docs in the file.

Visionet offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services for mortgage and title firms. To learn more, please visit the Visionet Mortgage microsite.