Unified ERP for CPG


For CPG and Wholesale Distribution companies, customer service and competitive pricing drive success. Distributors need to manage diverse portfolios, complex supply chains, logistics and warehouse operations, returns and warranty claims, and special compliance demands. Implementing a comprehensive and feature-rich consumer goods ERP solution results in elevated productivity levels and the elimination of unnecessary steps from your business workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps distributors

Gain a clear picture of demand

  • Advanced demand planning
  • Real-time perpetual inventory
  • Online integrated portals
  • Access to critical data

Control inventory and costs

  • Automated order stream
  • Streamlined supplier processes
  • Support for stockless operations
  • Optimal customer interactions

Improve execution and coordination

  • End-to-end visibility
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Visual tracking and tracing
  • Proactive customer planning

Position for growth with improved service

  • Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Status Alerts
  • Optimized core processes
  • Integrated CRM


Business benefits – Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Easy to deploy, use, and manage
  • Seamless access to critical information at all levels, from shop floor to boardroom
  • Improved operational efficiency and connectivity across the value chain
  • Lower business costs, using technology that grows with you


Technology benefits – Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Scalable technology that future-proofs your investment
  • Existing infrastructure enhancement – no rip-and-replace
  • Lower TCO investment with out-of-the-box integration
  • Reduced IT knowledge requirements and minimal risk

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