VisiLoanReview – configurable, predictable and measurable document management

VisiLoanReview® (VLR) seamlessly facilitates document quality control and compliance across all channels. Additionally, VisiLoanReview® supports regulatory compliance and monitors doc-to data integrity. VisiLoanReview® is configured for special loan audits and is fully integrated with your origination system (LOS) and servicing platforms for real time data exchange. Underpinning VisiLoanReview® is our cutting edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology with its library of thousands of recognized mortgage documents.

VisiLoanReview® is ideal for handling any document-intensive workflow within the lending life cycle, including borrower document collection and validation, pre- and post-closing audits, trailing document chasing, boarding loans to servicing, exception handling and all subsequent parallel workflows.

VisiLoanReview® is built on a robust, open, enterprise-level architecture. It is a web, workflow and rules based system. We have numerous referenceable production clients who can attest to VisiLoanReview®’s quality and configurability, as well as our attention to our clients and dedication to their satisfaction.

Our clients use VisiLoanReview® to support:

  • Data Integrity Checks
  • Loan Boarding Compliance
  • Predatory Lending Audits
  • Document Compliance Audits
  • Trailing Document Tracking
  • Document Classification and Indexing

What Can VisiLoanReview® Do for You?

  • Integrated OCR technology auto-indexes documents to loan files and minimizes manual data entry
  • Implements rules based compliance verification tasks for document review
  • Provides a unified workflow mechanism that can be used remotely
  • Proactive rather than a reactive approach (not like an after-the-fact audit function)
  • Implements rules based data integrity validation
  • Minimizes the number of data audits to remove redundancies
  • Reduces secondary marketing fall outs through improved data and loan file audits
  • Analyzes nature and type of errors to continually improve source data quality
  • Allows for upfront and complete imaging of loan documents
  • Implements a solution for tracking and imaging trailing documents


Activity Based Costing and Management sciences are the backbone of VisiLoanReview®

Cutting Edge Technology. Technology-Led BPO.

In conjunction with our ISO 9001, SSAE 16 and client-certified processing centers, VisiLoanReview® becomes an even more powerful tool. High speed scanners turn your paper digital, our on- and off-shore mortgage professionals support and supplement your internal staff 24×7, your capacity scales with volume, and your efficiency and cost-effectiveness are optimized.

Lending Thought Leadership to Lending Organizations

Our team of mortgage industry veterans has an average of 20 years of experience across retail, broker and correspondent originations, title and settlement services, and performing and specialty servicing. We’ve helped organizations from startups through the largest lenders in the US and internationally become more efficient and provide enhanced customer experience through better process management and better use of technology. Our own BPO shop is a manifestation of the best practices we’ve learned. Let us bring our knowledge to bear on your toughest problems.

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