Visionet Cloud Studio

Unified platform for next-generation cloud management

Modern cloud requires
a modern approach to run

Enterprise cloud of today operates in a dynamic and fluid environment which can be complex to manage. This puts pressure on IT teams that have to ensure infrastructure resilience and scalability while maintaining security and compliance. And they also have to keep pace with the rapid innovations in the cloud arena.
As we shift from conventional approaches toward a more agile operating model that enables faster delivery across multi-cloud environments, we believe the new era requires a new approach to cloud management to harness the full potential of the cloud.

Take full control of your cloud infrastructure with Visionet Cloud Studio

Cloud Studio by Visionet is our answer to the complexities of managing the modern cloud. It’s a unified platform that combines service establishment, observability and management with security & financial governance of cloud operations. Built on the foundation of DevOps and Agile methodologies, this integrated service approach provides a single pane of glass to improve end-user experience, optimize costs, and improve the security posture of multi-cloud environments.
Self Service Catalogue

Self-Service Catalogues (Azure & AWS)

  • Automated provisioning & de-provisioning (Network, Compute, Storage, Database, DNS, etc.)
  • Hardened Cloud IaC Templates
  • Self-service request fulfillment from Jira
Cloud Monitoring and Observability

Enhanced Cloud Monitoring & Observability

  • Integrated observability dashboards
  • Log analytics enabled
  • Integrated with ITMS (Jira Service Management)
  • Tracing
Service Management

Service Management

  • Incident, change, and problem management
  • Shared CloudOps team
  • Auto triaging
  • Ticket resolution
  • SLA guidance
  • ITSM analytics
Automated Cloud Operations

Automated Cloud Operations

  • Low-code automation framework
  • CloudOps automation
  • Security automation
  • Schedule and event-based automation
  • One-click remediation
  • Customized automation workflows
Managed Cloud Security

Managed Cloud Security

  • Multi-cloud, multi-account visibility
  • Continuous security assessment
  • Automated security guardrails
  • Continuous cloud compliance
  • Automated remediation playbooks
Financial Governance

Financial Governance

  • Full cost visibility
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cost saving recommendations
  • Near-real time granular cost analysis
  • Alerts and notifications

Cutting-edge platform
powered by a cutting-edge stack

Aws Cloud Formation
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Visionet Cloud Studio

We empower you to realize the full value of the cloud and reimagine how your business operates. Our technical and business expertise of the cloud lets you:

  • Prepare for the challenges ahead,
  • Preview the best-practice approaches, and
  • Pursue your cloud strategy to achieve extraordinary speed, agility, and efficiency.
Consistent security operationalize

Consistent security operationalized

Combine operations and security across the infrastructure and gain better situational intelligence of your technology stack by fully leveraging infrastructure and applications

Streamlined operations & lower TCO

Streamlined operations & lower TCO

Extend your existing tools, policies, and teams to gain consistent operations in any cloud for resiliency, reliability, and governance

Full visibility across workloads

Full visibility across workloads

Unify the visibility of public and private cloud resources including compute, network and storage with a single pane of glass, enabling you to see and act on all your cloud resources

Always up-to-date

Always up-to-date

Simplify the adoption of new technologies to ensure an ecosystem that’s fully equipped with the latest innovations

Integrated container & DevOps workflows

Integrated container & DevOps workflows

Ensure seamless integration across container and DevOps workflows to let the users deploy from development to different cloud targets through a managed approach

Centralized CSP management

Centralized CSP management

Easily manage all your subscriptions for major cloud service providers with a centralized platform


Life Sciences Organization

Explore how we maximized the efficiency and security of a leading global life sciences organization’s cloud infrastructure while driving significant cost savings.

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