A Comprehensive Campaign Management and Customer Retention Platform

A Mortgage Banking Industry Needs

Visionet Systems Inc. has developed a comprehensive campaign management and customer retention platform. The solution developed allows a lending operation to procure, complete and fund internal refinance originations. The purpose of this effort is to allow a mortgage banking operation to retain its portfolio while providing additional income to the bank. The Sales and Operations teams work with Secondary Marketing and the Investment Portfolio group to create Campaigns by identifying loans that are most likely to be refinanced, and offering a quick, inexpensive process to portfolio borrowers.

High Level Features:

  • Using Pre-defined Campaign Parameters and Business rules (CMS)
  • Select / Stratify and Manage the Campaign Population
  • Lock the Campaign and create necessary files to execute Campaign (CMS)
  • Lock / Hedge Campaign
  • Create the Print File for Mailing Vendor(s)
  • Create a file for Outbound Dialer Campaigns
  • Update Servicing System for Campaign visibility to Loan Servicing CSR’s
  • Also used for filtering criteria on future campaigns
  • Integrate to VisiRetention®
  • Provide Campaign History (CMS)
  • Manage Inbound calls (VisiRetention®)
  • Provide CSR Scripting
  • Event Driven Scripting like Escrow, HMDA, etc
  • Collect Customer Data
  • Validate Qualification
  • Interface to your Pricing Engine
  • Calculate ‘Value Proposition’ to customer (Savings Amount, etc)
  • Interface with Credit Bureau for Credit Pull
  • Interface ‘Accepted’ to LOS for Fulfillment Services
  • Update Servicing System
  • Record Comments
  • Record Every Call Reasons using pre-defined Call Codes
  • Build Call Center & Production-type metrics (Conversion rates, Right Party Contact, Decline Reasons, etc)
  • Publish reporting to Executive Dash-Boards or the like

The system can be implemented expeditiously and has shown dramatic results in customer retention and cost reduction while delivering value and satisfaction to the borrower.

Campaign Management System Component

Campaign Operations for Mortgage Banking Institutions form the backbone of the marketing and sales efforts and act as the main source of creating new business opportunities. The aim of Visionet’s Campaign Management System component within VisiRetention® is to automate the Mortgage Marketing process including the Portfolio Population/Refresh, Campaign Preparation and Analysis, Campaign Execution, and Reporting using a workflow based solution.

Automated Workflow Management significantly improves speed and accuracy of campaigning operations and provides a higher level of visibility and management control.

CMS-System Integration

The Campaign Management System module in VisiRetention® provides the marketing staff with a user friendly interface to enter data directly into the central system in which all the campaign related data is generated and maintained ensuring that the information remains up-to-date.

Leveraging Workflow Automation, our solution provides flexibility in conducting campaign analysis, preparation and execution. The solution also provides a number of MIS reports and features automated generation of e-mail notifications along with escalation of tasks, resulting in improved process efficiency.

Mortgage Banking Institutions require a comprehensive, flexible and scalable Campaign Management System that integrates well with their other existing systems. Visionet’s Campaign Management System provides the capability for automated Workflow Management that allows users to complete their tasks in an efficient and timely fashion (This is stated already 3 paragraphs above).

The existing system/processes within most mortgage banking institutions are based mainly on manual processes and work sheets, and require significant manual effort, causing excessive delays in the execution, marketing the campaigns, audit trail, and in-depth reporting. This results in delays in critical decision making processes and planning.

Some of the major drawbacks of the typical system/process include the following:

  • Analysis and preparation of campaigns is based on manual and/or ad-hoc processes and work sheets, causing inefficiencies and delays in marketing the campaign
  • Interfaces with outside entities, inbound and/or outbound, are conducted manually, using MS Excel, email, text file etc
  • As campaign specific data does not reside in structured databases, it is not available for reporting to be used for business analytics, critical decision making and planning process
  • Audit trail and history maintenance is difficult

Visionet’s Campaign Management System eliminates the dependence on ad hoc procedures currently used by most mortgage banks, and makes the data available for business critical reporting. This system also provides the structured database for convenient generation of reports to be used for analytical decisions and planning.

Retention Management System

Retentioning Component:


  • To develop the industry leading “process driven” streamlined retention solution
  • Double refinance retention rates
  • Capture purchase business from existing customers to increase retention rates
  • Develop flexible programs and products that promote duration and retention. Utilizing simple processes that leverage existing infrastructure – process based sales / risk-based underwriting
  • Pre-approved direct mail and call center offerings, with streamlined fulfillment and processing

Guiding Principles of the Mortgage Business

  • Scalable, low/variable cost retention channel
  • “Process driven” strategy; scalable, flexible and lowest cost (a true competitive advantage). Key to process driven originations is to properly identify and channel various retention types to reduce cost, increase profitability and facilitate scalability
  • Focus on Sales and Marketing, utilizing proven “off-the-shelf” services
  • Leverage existing processing infrastructure to manage “higher touch” loans/exceptions
  • Process based sales vs. traditional consumer direct in-bound call model
  • Competitive advantage – lowest cost

Guiding Principles of Our Technology

  • Leverage existing processes and systems
  • Create a low cost and short time to market application that is fully integrated with:
  • Origination systems
  • Servicing systems
  • B2C and B2R web-sites
  • Business partner systems
  • The solution was created and implemented in less than four months


  • Substantially reduces
  • Refinance cost
  • Approval process (20 minutes for streamlined Refinance)
  • Benefit to Home Owner (targeted to their needs)

Proactive ReFi Campaign

  • A fast track program to proactively engage potential ReFi customers now
  • Identify and segment the most profitable ReFi candidates
  • Fast track implementation
  • Flexibility to start with a state or a subset of customers
  • Quick ROI

Visionet offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services for mortgage and title firms. To learn more, please visit the Visionet Mortgage microsite.