Get seamless digital connectivity with Manufacturing 360, your CRM and supply chain solution

Many organizations undervalue the influence of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on the supply chain of a business. Making accurate forecasts, predicting consumer behavior and analyzing customer data can all significantly boost your bottom line.

Lately, organizations are facing the challenge of managing the increased volumes of data, compute capacities, and security requirements. An integration of a robust CRM and a supply chain solution can go a long way in providing your business with all the information it needs to stay profitable.

Transforming Healthcare: Visihealth360 Enhancing Personalized Care and Operational Excellence

In the vibrant world of modern healthcare, personalized care stands as a testament to patient satisfaction and improved outcomes. Visihealth 360 leverages Salesforce’s Health Cloud to revolutionalize and create superb patient experiences with streamlined operations and enhanced care delivery. 

PartnerLinQ Brochure

PartnerLinQ is an innovative, process-centric, easy-to-use solution that simplifies digital business communication via EDI, real-time APIs, and proprietary file-based formats. It helps retail, eCommerce, wholesale, 3PL, distribution, and other progressive organizations build digital partner ecosystems, achieve operational efficiency, bring transparency and gain real-time visibility.


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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Solution with Visionet Systems

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management solution revolutionizes warehouse operations with seamless integration across manufacturing, sales, and transportation. With Visionet Systems expertise of implementations businesses can employ advanced technologies like barcode scanners and RFID for precise inventory tracking. Key functionalities include efficient wave processing for order fulfillment, directed put-away and picking for accuracy, and mobile device support for on-the-go operations. License plate tracking further enhances inventory visibility.

Visionet CloudOps: Elevate Your Cloud Operations

Leverage Visionet CloudOps and AWS Cloud Operations to enhance efficiency through optimized cloud resources, reducing operational costs. Our automation-centric approach frees your IT team for strategic initiatives, elevating overall cloud excellence. We guarantee the seamless continuation of your processes, even in challenging cloud scenarios. Moreover, our partnership speeds up your time-to-market, enabling the swift introduction of cloud innovations.

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GHG Emissions Reporting using Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

At Visionet, we understand the complexities of this transformation. As the Microsoft Solutions Partner, we leverage Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to help you attain carbon footprint reduction in three simple steps — encompassing everything from capturing to tracking GHG emissions: 

  1. Envisioning 
  2. Pilot 
  3. Rollouts 


Accelerating Digital Empowerment through Power Platform in the Age of AI

Discover how we craft digital experiences tailored for today and ready for tomorrow’s challenges. At Visionet, our multi-tiered approach speeds up development with Microsoft Power Platform and Copilot. Leveraging our 15+ years of strategic partnership with Microsoft, we assist businesses in rapidly crafting proof of concept within hours and delivering production-ready apps in days. Furthermore, we facilitate low-code/no-code adoption via comprehensive training, fostering a citizen development culture through our Power Platform Center of Excellence.

FashionGPT: Your AI Style Guide

In this brochure, you’ll learn about FashionGPT, the AI fashion assistant reshaping retail. It offers unmatched personalization and trendiness. Imagine a world where every shopper feels like they have their own personal stylist, providing tailored style recommendations, curated product selections, and real-time trend alerts, all at their fingertips. 

Moreover, this brochure delves into: 

Results-driven solutions and services to create robust field service pipelines, build a future-ready workforce, and unlock new business opportunities

Did you know?

Organizations adopting Dynamics 365 for Field Service witnessed remarkable improvements over three years:

  • 60% fewer maintenance hours
  • 10% reduced dispatch
  • 50% less travel time
  • 20% fewer service calls


At Visionet, we're dedicated to enhancing your bottom line. Our services encompass every aspect of field service management: Consulting, Implementation, and Managed Services. By seamlessly integrating cloud-based IoT, ML, and AI technologies, we empower your workforce for the future.