Accelerated Digital Transformation with Industry Clouds

Visionet and Google Cloud

Visionet’s Advanced Google Cloud Solutions for Industry-Specific Challenges

Visionet harnesses cutting-edge Google Cloud solutions and technologies to address intricate cloud challenges. We empower our clients with industry-specific consulting, engineering, and delivery solutions. Our comprehensive offerings encompass various Data & AI services, such as Artificial Intelligence, Application Modernization, Data Analytics, Data Management, Infrastructure Modernization, and Security Services.

Our highly skilled team of Google Cloud experts leverage advanced tools and technologies along with their diverse industry experience, to deliver top-tier solutions and facilitate a successful digital transformation powered by Google Cloud.

Visionet’s collaboration with Google Cloud enables our customers to:

  • Drive innovation
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • Minimize operational costs
  • Achieve faster time-to-market
  • Ensure regulatory and governance compliance
  • Gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving tech landscape

The Visionet Advantage


Elevate your AI capabilities with Google Cloud’s pre-configured solutions to execute advanced AI use cases

Uncover deep patterns from your data with our AI offerings that leverage Google Cloud tools and technologies to provide advanced AI solutions such as Gen AI, Vertex AI, Natural Language AI, and more. Our offerings aim to speed up time-to-insights, aid in extracting hidden data trends, support data-backed decision-making, automate processes, and optimize operations.

AI Use Cases:

• Robust sales forecasting solution for reliable predictions

• Revolutionary video content curation to improve user engagement

• AI-powered text extraction and validation for accurate information


Modernize your legacy applications with Google Cloud to drive innovation, agility, and efficiency

By harnessing Google Cloud’s pioneering technologies, we modernize legacy applications with our Cloud Application Development services. Experience a seamless transition to the cloud, and transform your legacy applications into modern, cost-effective solutions. Our approach bridges the value gap between traditional and contemporary cloud applications, resulting in reduced costs, increased efficiency, minimized downtime, and enhanced business continuity.

App Modernization Use Cases:

• Product matcher solution optimization to enhance user experience

• Automated vendor reporting for improved vendor relations

• Modern apps to provide on-the-go, near-real-time analytics


Unleash the power of data with Google Cloud to extract data-driven actionable insights

Unlock your data’s full potential with Google Cloud’s advanced analytical capabilities to seamlessly extend analysis to the cloud. Uncover patterns, predict trends, and extract valuable insights using Google Cloud’s innovative tools and technologies. Our data analytics services encompass Datawarehouse Modernization, Data Lake Modernization, Marketing Analytics, and Business Intelligence Modernization, providing fully managed, limitless analytics for confident decision-making.

Data Analytics Use Cases:

• Competitive pricing solution to elevate competitive edge in the market

• Customer 360 solution for in-depth consumer insights

• Granular third-party data stitching solution for improved analytics


Unlock data excellence with Google Cloud for seamless and robust data management

Our team of certified experts harness Google Cloud’s advanced data management technologies for secure, reliable, highly available, and fully managed enterprise data services. We specialize in Database Migration and Modernization, Build with Google Cloud Databases, and Data Lake Modernization. Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, we ensure the alignment of data goals with business objectives, guaranteeing data accuracy, consistency, and a comprehensive view of your data.

Data Management Use Cases:

• Database migration and modernization for secure and reliable data services

• Process digitalization to automate manual and repetitive tasks


Modernize your existing infrastructure and seamlessly migrate essential workloads to Google Cloud

We harness Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technologies to modernize existing cloud or legacy on-premise IT infrastructure known for its complexity, high costs, and management challenges. Our infrastructure modernization service includes Application Migration and VMware as a Service. Leveraging Google Cloud Platform’s scalability and reliability, our solutions empower organizations to operate seamlessly, scale efficiently, and manage workloads effortlessly.

Infrastructure Modernization Use Cases:

• Migrate data workloads to the cloud for enhanced scalability

• VMware as a Service for optimized operations


Transforming Retail Fortunes: How AI-Infused Forecasting Informed Business Strategy for a Retail Chain

Revolutionize business strategy with AI-infused forecasting by Visionet and Google Cloud. Gain access to accurate predictions for demand, footfall, and revenue to ensure a competitive edge.

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Revolutionizing Retail: Google Cloud Empowers Precision and Efficiency for a Leading US Retailer

Efficiently transform data processes with Visionet and Google Cloud. Empowering a mattress retailer with seamless data sharing, automation, and accurate reporting for enhanced efficiency. 

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Leading Retail Player Utilizes Marketing Mix Models to Enhance ROI with Google Cloud

Unlock Marketing Mix Models with Visionet & Google Cloud, empowering a US retailer to optimize investments, enhance ROI, and make data-driven decisions for superior efficiency 

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Revolutionizing User Experience with AI-Powered Video Summaries for a Research Firm using Google Cloud Technologies

Explore enhanced research experiences with Visionet & Google Cloud. AI-driven video summaries ensure effortless discovery and personalized recommendations.

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Elevating Content Quality for a Pinnacle Research Provider using Google Cloud Technologies

Explore how Visionet, with Google Cloud Platform, revolutionized content for a research provider. Our AI-driven solution ensures accurate information retrieval and establishes trust in the research community.

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Empowering US Retailer: Google Cloud-Driven Transformation for Enhanced Vendor Reporting

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Revolutionizing Artifact Deployment: A Google Cloud-Powered Transformation for a Leading US Retailer

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Transforming Customer 360 for a Major US Retail Player using Google Cloud

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Large Retail Chain Gains Competitive Edge Through Data-Driven Pricing Strategies with Google Cloud

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