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Microsoft Intelligent Order Management provides a game-changing capability to optimize the order fulfillment process for retailers with intelligent and configurable order routing. With cutting-edge technology, our solution enables retailers to efficiently manage their orders while providing customers with superior shopping experience. Its intelligent routing capabilities ensure that orders are automatically directed to the most appropriate fulfillment center, reducing delivery times and costs. With its configurable settings, retailers can easily customize the solution to their unique needs, allowing for a highly personalized and efficient workflow.

Visionet’s certified connector PartnerLinQ for Microsoft Intelligent Order Management offers seamless integrations with shipping carriers, commerce platforms, enterprise systems, and vendors. Retailers can easily connect to their preferred parcel & freight carriers and shipping platforms to streamline the shipping and delivery process. The solution’s integration with enterprise systems such as ERP, WMS, POS, eCommerce, and OMS enables retailers to centralize their order management, making managing their inventory easier and reducing the risk of errors.

The PartnerLinQ connector makes it easier to configure inventory ATP rules to define how much inventory from which locations to make available for fulfillment. The vendor integration feature allows retailers to work with their preferred suppliers to route the orders for Make-to-order or Direct Delivery to customers, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. With these seamless integrations, retailers can optimize workflow, reduce costs, and deliver a superior customer experience.

Intelligent Order Management


Accelerated IOM Adoption with PartnerLinQ

Our Offering

Experience Intelligent Order Fulfillment with a Proof of Concept (POC)

Visionet’s Intelligent Order Management solution offering can enable you to experiment and adopt the groundbreaking cloud capability at an accelerated pace to deliver on your promise to customers efficiently. It utilizes AI to automate and fulfill real-time inventory visibility to proactively deal with disruptions by rearranging order routing using prebuilt connectors to scale and adapt quickly. In addition, we help businesses develop a proof of concept (POC) for bigger intelligent order management adoptions at a fraction of the c ost and without requiring significant specialized up-front work required to custom develop the adopters.

Intelligent Order Management Adoption Framework for Proof of Concept


Why it Matters?

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Driving Competitive Advantage through Order Fulfillment

IOM uses real-time omnichannel inventory assisted by AI and machine learning to automate and optimize fulfillment to meet expanding digital commercial needs.

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Adapt Quickly with Configurable Solution

Minimize the impact of disruptions by rearranging order flows with a useful drag-and-drop feature with highly scalable fulfilling techniques.

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Utilize Comprehensive & Seamless Prebuilt Connectivity

Enabling intake from multiple sources is one of the major highlights of the Intelligent Order Management system, use IOM’s event-driven order orchestration services to figure out the best ways to fulfill orders and manage or track the performance of orchestration to maximize customer satisfaction and fulfilment efficiency.

What to Expect?

Running a Proof of Concept (PoC) on Microsoft Intelligent Order Management with PartnerLinQ as an accelerator for connectivity can be highly beneficial in several ways.


Gain a better understanding of how the solution works and how it can benefit their specific business needs.


Identify any potential challenges or issues that may arise during implementation, enabling them to address these concerns proactively.


Test the solution’s features and functionalities in a controlled environment, ensuring that it meets their requirements and expectations before fully committing to it.


Determine the ROI of the solution and justify the investment to stakeholders.

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