Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Agility With Purpose

Build resilience with AI

With smart IoT sensors and cognitive prediction models built on artificial intelligence, take full control of your supply chain operations.

On-the-go Planning

With real-time and relevant information, you can plan the right product at the right place to stay one step ahead of production and supply.

Integrated Warehouse Management

Maintain complex global supply chains effortlessly by bringing logistics service providers and third-party manufactures under one roof.

Cost-Effective Processes

Optimize inventory control

Actively locate and track inventory items, customer orders, and delivered products to build greater supply chain visibility.

Maximize Uptime Production Assets

Derive insights from accurate data analysis and transform information into action in real-time situations.

Intelligent Cost Reduction

Stamp out unnecessary resources from your distribution plan to minimize operational costs through AI-driven cost control solutions.

Creating Business Continuity

Cutting-edge warehousing

Drive smarter manufacturing strategies with advanced AI/ML techniques and overcome supply chain complications seamlessly.

Execute Seamless Planning Optimization

Improve asset and supply-chain management with planning optimization that involves optimizing production and distribution to meet dynamically changing consumer demands.

Comprehensive Vendor Support

Deploy intelligent, contactless vendor invoicing for automated business processes driven with effective systems.


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