Cloud Application
Enterprise applications customized for unique business needs using agile frameworks and modern cloud native services
Modernize legacy applications using cloud native services and DevOps to improve agility and security.
Mobility Services
Comprehensive expertise that helps you create seamless and native experiences on any device
Test Automation
with DevSecOps
Automate end-to-end incremental delivery using CI/CD, integrated testing and security process.

Cloud Application Engineering

Delivering innovative, robust and high quality applications engineered on cloud platforms using Agile frameworks

Application engineering has come a long way from monolith development using waterfall methodology and on-prem to modern cloud-native architecture where organizations can invest once and scale their applications as the business grows without any hassle of maintenance and operational support. Our cloud engineering services harness new-age technologies like micro services, APIs, platform services, and server-less architecture to build your personalized path to cloud.

How Visionet can help develop Resilient and Future-Ready Enterprise Applications

  • Micro-services architecture where each service is independent, having its own domain, logic and data, that evolves and scale independently
  • Enterprise-grade performance with built-in high availability backed by SLAs
  • Advance security that detects threats and vulnerabilities in your databases and enables you to secure your data
  • Built-in monitoring capabilities for insights into performance of the database and workloads
  • Built-in disaster recovery and automatic backups with geo replication for replicas in same or different data centers
  • Well-thoughtful architecture and solution design reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)

Future proof legacy applications for long - term value and agility

To compete in modern digital world, organizations need to innovate and modernize their IT landscape. We are uniquely positioned to help enterprises achieve digital transformation by using cloud as part of a foundation to improve agility, reduce time to market, unlock new opportunities and build richer, meaningful customer experiences.

Core Challenges with Legacy Applications that Visionet Help You Overcome with Smooth and Successful Modernization Journey

  • Legacy applications that use a monolithic architecture are difficult to maintain and enhance and require longer development cycles and fail to address growing business needs.
  • Monolithic applications are not resilient, a critical failure can severely impact your entire business.
  • Scaling up your applications to handle increased workloads requires high upfront capital expense and weeks of infrastructure setup.
  • Your organization must bear all responsibility for service uptime and security by investing in redundancy, personnel, and policy creation.
  • If your applications’ workloads decrease, there is no easy way to scale down your operations, so your infrastructure investment will be underutilized.

Visionet Modernization Journey

Mobility Services

The seismic shift from desktop to mobile devices has become more noticeable with time as mobile application usage continues to grow.

In today’s cut-throat competitive landscape, where mobile is considered as an integral driver of business success, how do you stay ahead of the curve and boost growth by delivering seamless experiences?

Test Automation with DevSecOps

Our services embrace the entire project lifecycle from strategy formulation to operations, encompass project management, system engineering, software development, implementation, training, documentation, support and maintenance. We provide test automation and DevSecOps-as-a-Service, automating end-to-end testing and software delivery processes and ensuring the scalability and security. By combining your development and operations into a single rapid deployment entity, it brings efficiency with collaboration and cross-functionality of your teams.

Visionet Application Services Value Proposition

Application Services

Best-of-breed practices

ensure substantial ROI and optimize the value of your IT investments.

Innovation and creativity

enable you to leverage our proven frameworks and accelerators.

Industry specific solutions

based on best practices help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

End-to-end services

make us a one stop-shop for all our clients’ IT and business requirements.

Global experience

across industries and skill sets featuring several Fortune 1000 companies.

Flexible engagement models

from large, high-end projects to small-scale requirements.

Experienced leadership

of 20-year IT industry veterans in management and strategic roles.

Application Services

Highly skilled workforce

of over 6,000 global employees design and deliver innovative business solutions.

Successful delivery record

of over 25 years to an impressive list of over 300+ customers.

Application Services

Strong credibility and financial strength

have made us a reliable, long-term strategic partner for our clients.

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