Marketing Analytics - Optimize Marketing Expenses along with Expanding Sales
Drive Marketing Performance with easy-to-use interactive visualization dashboard and data driven predictive insights – all in the cloud.
50+ Most Used Marketing KPIs for Improved Collaboration of CMO – CFO Orgs
30% Improvement in Cost Per Lead using our ML based Marketing Budget Optimization
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Provide marketing intelligence through data driven insights to understand performance and to optimize return on investments

Management Reporting
Management Reporting
Access easy-to-use management, marketing, financial insights
Easily connect to data sources from LOS, AMB and other lead software, for fast, reliable, and accurate business planning
Drive business performance with interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and charts that are easy to personalize, and share

Optimize & Grow - Visionet Marketing Analytics Solution is designed to enable data-driven decision-making through comprehensive data ingestion gathered across all lines of businesses, quick data processing, and deep insights through data visualization and AI / ML-driven recommendations. Businesses can easily connect to all lead management software, loan applications, and accounting systems through a unified cloud data platform that acts as a single source of data for all insights.

Key Features


Azure Cloud Platform with Data Governance Strategies


Access Control List for User
Specific Report Access


50+ Comprehensive List of Marketing KPIs for Mortgage Industry


AI Insights Targeted Towards Optimizing Marketing Spend and Increasing Leads That Can Convert

Marketing Analytics

Lead Performance Metrics and
Lead Pull Through Metrics


Loan Officer Metrics for Performance Insights | Customer Metrics for Client Demographic Insights


Enhanced Orchestration of Workload to Optimize Asset Utilization


Adaptive AI / ML Algorithms With Auto-tuning Capabilities for Better Accuracies


Unified Data Lake for Data Insights for any Department (Marketing, Finance, Operations)

Customer Benefits

Marketing-Analytics-07-298x300 (1)

Optimized Marketing Spend Management

Marketing-Analytics-08-298x300 2

Improved CFO-CMO Collaboration

Marketing-Analytics-09-298x300 3

Better Sales Bandwidth Planning

Marketing-Analytics-10-298x300 4

Prioritizing Lead Conversions

Marketing-Analytics-11-298x300 5

Improving Sales Conversions

Marketing-Analytics-12-298x300 6

Improved Sales and Marketing Efficiency

Value Proposition


Customer Success Story: Cloud based Marketing Analytics Platform for a US based Mortgages Company

Migrate from Excel based reporting to a unitified cloud data platform for Marketing Analytics to reflect performance of different marketing channels
Key Challenges
  • Acquiring customer data from numerous heterogeneous data sources, data marts and source systems
  • Data standardization because of loans being acquired from multiple sources
Visionet Solution
  • Creation of a Data Lake in MS Azure to ingest data from 3 siloed application sources
  • Unified data platform to enable Key Marketing & Operational Insights on Power BI : lead performance analytics, ROI analytics, customer analytics and loan officer performance analytics
  • Azure analytics data mart to provide inputs for Azure ML to create and train models for optimizing lead performance
  • The DataMart can be leveraged to provide insights on closed loans to be able to create more profitable loan products
  • Forecast generation process reduced to 6 hours (from 4 weeks)
  • Frequency of forecast review & calibration improved to 48 hours cycle from weekly)
  • Precise and measurable forecast with model accuracy of over 90%
  • Up to 25% budget optimization in the first quarter after Go-Live
  • Above 75% accuracy In conversion predictions
Affordable Data on Cloud
Marketing Analytics Platform on Cloud offers very flexible pricing with highly scalable and accessible solution from variety of data sources along with maintaining data security and consistency.
Low Cost of Ownership
Visionet on cloud solution saves huge cost of IT infrastructure and its maintenance with increased uptime. You do not have to pay high server hardware and software costs.
Scalability and Flexibility
The unified data lake can be scaled up on demand any time when you need. High availability, scalability and security of data is taken care of in Marketing Solution on cloud offering.

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Our Marketing Analytics solution can help you save > 30% on Marketing Investments, Optimize Channels Usage by 25%