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Advancing Sustainability with Precision and Compliance

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Empower Your Sustainability Journey

Propel your environmental initiatives and business growth with innovative solutions tailored for sustainability.

Harness Actionable Insights

Guide your strategic decisions with real-time analytics to enhance your sustainability practices.

Join Forces for Change

Amplify your environmental impact by joining a network committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility.
Visionet and Microsoft

Sustainability Services

Backed by years of experience and a deep partnership with leading technology innovators, Visionet also leads the way in sustainability services. We guide businesses through the intricacies of compliance by recording the carbon emissions data across Scope 1, 2 & 3.
With our innovative sustainability solution and services, businesses can anticipate & achieve:

  • GHG Emissions Tracking: Stay regulatory-compliant with precise monitoring.
  • Energy Management: Cut costs with AI-powered energy insights.
  • Resource Optimization: Excel operationally with advanced analytics.
  • ESG Reporting: Simplify reporting, showcase your green commitment.

Visionet's Solutions & Services

Discover Visionet's suite of sustainability services, leveraging Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to elevate your environmental strategy. Our offerings are crafted for impact, compliance, and efficiency, driving your green objectives forward.

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Sustainability Assessment and Strategy Development

Embark on your sustainability journey with confidence. Visionet's comprehensive assessment evaluates your current practices, and our expert team crafts a bespoke strategy utilizing Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to meet your specific goals.

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Carbon Footprint Management

Achieve transparency and control over your carbon emissions with Visionet. Our service leverages Microsoft's robust tools to measure, report, and strategically reduce your environmental impact efficiently.

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Resource Optimization and Efficiency

Optimize your operations for a greener future with Visionet. Our service utilizes advanced analytics to maximize resource efficiency across your company's activities, leading to sustainable growth and reduced waste.

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Sustainable IT Infrastructure Transformation

Visionet transforms your IT landscape with sustainability at its core. Our service ensures your infrastructure migration to the cloud is seamless, energy-efficient, and aligns with the best practices for environmental stewardship.

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ESG Reporting and Compliance

With Visionet, navigate the complexities of ESG compliance with ease. Our tailored service simplifies your reporting process, ensuring you meet global standards with the precision and integrity of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

GHG Emissions Reporting using Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Amidst growing global environmental concerns, the businesses are more focused on their GHG emissions and net zero goals. The introduction of the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, SB 253, is a strong hint that this will also become a compliance challenge for organizations globally.

Download Brochure GHG Emissions Reporting using Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability
GHG Emissions Reporting using Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

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