Bundled RPA Platform + Mortgage Process Automations Deployed as a Service
Rapid Turnaround on Process Onboarding as Low as 4 Weeks
Process Efficiency Gains > 50%
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mBOT - Visionet Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPA SaaS) is designed for helping mortgage customers in quick adoption of automation platform without upfront capital expenses towards infrastructure, licenses, and people, etc.

Visionet will develop, deploy and support the automated process bots in customer specific secure cloud compartment.

No upfront RPA licenses investment
On-board your automated processes in record time as low as 4 weeks
Consumption based – pay per transaction
24/7 Support from Visionet automation experts


mBOT-04-298x300 1

Cloud-Based RPA
Hosting Service

mBOT-05-298x300 2

Client Dedicated VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Compartments on AWS or Azure Cloud

mBOT-06-298x300 3

Supports Leading
RPA Platforms

mBOT-07-298x300 4

On-Demand Operation – RPA
BOTs Are Spun-up on Demand

mBOT-08-298x300 5

Consumption Based –
Pay per Transaction

mBOT-09-298x300 6

Single Command Center to Control Customer Processes

mBOT-10-298x300 7

Enhanced Orchestration of Workload
to Optimize Asset Utilization

mBOT-11-298x300 8

Dynamic Process Visualization
Enabling Continuous Improvement

mBOT-12-298x300 9

Customizable Business &
RPA Performance Analytics

Value Proposition


Customer Success Story: mBOT for a Leading Mortgage Provider in US

Key Challenge
Scalability in mortgage process (bank processes 600+ loans per month & undertakes 50 loans request per day)
  • Delay in Initial Disclosure (Approved loans must generate Initial Disclosures within a 24-hour SLA)
  • Complex procedure with multiple process steps (Fees, USPS, etc.) requires validation
  • Manual interference in sending e-Disclosure of completed records
Our Solution
Customer was offered dedicated On-Prem RPA set up for Initial Disclosure process:
  • Pipeline view of available loans with BOT-effort
  • Specific validation rules for each loan type
  • Exceptions are captured with every loan process
  • Validated loans generate Initial Disclosure documents
  • Forwarding of documents to borrowers
  • Recording of transactional details in process log
  • Generated process log gets emailed to operations
Customer Benefits
  • Efficiency gain of 85%
  • BOT-effort/request processes within 60-75 seconds which took 10 minutes with manual effort
  • Offer better compliance
  • Mitigate risks
  • Enhance the overall consumer experience

50 Loans

Request Per Day


Efficiency Gain

60-75 Sec

BOT-effort / Request

Speak to a Visionet expert

RPA on the cloud can help you save > 40% on the total cost of ownership, reduce process onboarding time by 50%