Visionet Establishes a Dedicated helpline for Employees to Call Anytime

By Visionet Marketing Team June 15, 2021
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The unrelenting pandemic is a global health crisis with severe ramifications at every level. It has affected every socio-economic demographic, created acute anxiety and impacted the mental health of individuals in unique and unpredictable ways. According to a study (‘All in the Mind: The state of mental health in Corporate India’) by human capital solutions and services provider Gi Group, many factors are responsible for increasing stress levels including long and erratic work hours, anxiety over career growth and the role of leadership. The study draws the inevitable conclusion that mental health has a serious or significant impact on organisational performance or growth.

Alok Bansal, MD and Country Head Visionet Systems says,

“The report states a fact that is more than obvious in the current scenario. The mental health of employees is an invaluable resource and must be invested in by companies. We have close to 4500 employees across three centres in India and unless they are all moving in the same direction, are feeling safe, appreciated and financially protected, we cannot expect the company to do well. This is exactly why we are taking all possible steps to secure the mental health of our employees.”

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