Enhancing Fashion Supply Chains with New and Emerging Technology

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Fashion and apparel companies are adopting cutting-edge technologies to turn their supply chains from a purely operational hub towards nurturing innovation in response to growing globalization, greater product complexity and complicated customer demands. Innovation-driven businesses are gathering data at every step, from the flow of raw materials to tracing each step of the clothes manufacturing process that include sourcing of factories where materials are made into garments and the distribution network involved.

A large part of these global disruptions include shortage of both products and labor. Fashion and clothing manufacturers are struggling to meet growing customer demands which is resulting in product shortages. This ultimately drives up costs across the board and creates further supply chain blockages. Multiple supply chain challenges cause profit margins to remain under constant pressure as costs increase exponentially throughout supply chain networks. Primarily, these costs are a direct result of lack of visibility which in turn increase operational expenses. Continue reading on how HauteLogic leverages new and emerging technologies to modernize your supply chain processes.

Leverage emerging technologies to enhance supply chain processes

The only way to remain ahead of the constantly evolving disruptions and challenges is to digitally alter supply chain processes to enhance optimality. Business models from the past will not be viable anymore, as the consumer preferences are changing and globally disruptions are on the rise. The suitable route for fashion and apparel businesses is to achieve rapid digital transformation, digital-led growth by implementing new technology. Additionally, businesses can now have comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that fit seamlessly into their existing processes.

Evolve your fashion and apparel supply chain with HauteLogic

Continuously evolving supply chains are the way forward for enhancing the fashion and retail experience. To evolve effectively, automation, interconnectivity and visibility are necessary. By enhancing visibility and improving communication, business enterprises will be able to future-proof their supply chain by reducing disruptions. HauteLogic is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that reimagines the retail experience by monitoring customer demands and inventory management in real time. Building a resilient supply chain model that is able to adapt to global market conditions is not an easy task. Still, Visionet aims to provide seamless end-to-end integration solutions through HauteLogic.

Simplify partner collaboration with HauteLogic

One of the biggest challenges fashion and apparel businesses face is partner collaboration. The ongoing supply chain crises has made it harder to maintain communication which results in unexpected delays and lack of proper tracking. To build and maintain strong partner connections, businesses must be ready to make adjustments to communication processes. Companies working together can gain from knowing the partner's ultimate objective, identifying the partner's issues, and then suggesting innovative technological solutions that can address these challenging issues.

Tap into higher visibility

Effective management requires you to leverage real-time data for handling of products and materials at every point in the supply chain. Customers are better equipped to plan their purchases when they are more informed. By having access to this information, businesses can keep things under control, uphold regulations, and solve issues as they arise. HauteLogic offers advanced analytics to monitor and optimize the global supply chain by ensuring that your decisions are informed and produce optimal results while minimizing the impact of disruptions. Higher visibility ensures that all your workflows remain intact and productivity reaches an

The future must be predicted

One of the major concerns fashion and apparel wholesalers face is the growing geopolitical uncertainty which lead towards disruptive supply chains. HauteLogic with its solution backed by advanced AI/ML technologies ensure that you’re always ahead of the curve. This would allow you to leverage predictive strategies that anticipate patterns to proactively resolve these complications before they can incur maximum damage. HauteLogic with its advanced AI/ML algorithms ensure that your path to success isn’t disrupted by external factors.

In a recent article in Industry Today, Visionet Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions Rauf Ahmed discusses how digital transformation is essential for companies in supply chain integration and partner collaboration.

Follow this link to learn more about HauteLogic and schedule a demonstration to see how this platform enables digital supply chain transformation for leading fashion retailers.

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