Business Process Management


Business Process Management

Visionet Systems will help you identify and automate your business processes which span multiple resources, departments, divisions, partners and other organizations. We will also help organizations by managing and monitoring the performances of resources and help in increasing the overall ROI. We provide state of the art BPM solutions using new generation frameworks, cutting edge technologies, components, processes, best practices and industry experts.

Business Benefits

Visionet Systems BPM solutions will you achieve real time process automation between different departments, applications, customers and partners. Our offerings have been instrumental for organizations to achieve operational excellence, reduce costs and provide customers with better products and services. Some of the key benefits that our solution offers include:

  • Streamline existing business processes
  • Effectively manage outsourcing relationship with BPO partners
  • Deliver 40% productivity gain with the implementation of a scalable architecture
  • Manage business effectively through automation, optimization and integration among business partners
  • Leverage analytics engine capabilities to optimize processes
  • Provide a rich, web-enabled business application to enhance customer/borrower experience
  • Allow business users to graphically understand current state process workflows and potential issues
  • Remove complexity of separate systems used by employees and external parties
  • Ability to customize processes on a client basis without the need of extensive SOP’s and manual intervention
  • Measure and manage performance of employees and external parties
  • Migrate from an individual user security model to a role based security model

Sample CAF Screens

KPI Summary

Custom Inbox

Dashboard Reports

Business Challenges

During the development of a state-of-art business process automation and optimization application, the following business challenges were raised which are critical to the success of this implementation.

  • Business Rules are dynamic and vary from one geographic area to another
  • Clients’ business and reporting requirements are unique and vary from one client to another
  • Process depends on many business partners, including many vendors, demanding a robust, rule-based Vendor Management System
  • Design and Implementation of a location agnostic business process that can facilitate Business Process Outsourcing in an on/near/offshore model
  • Create one system that can support multiple rules for internal and external users of the system, including but not limited to employees, customers, vendors, borrowers, sellers, notaries, etc
  • Implementation of Service Oriented Architecture to allow for the proper governance and reuse of components to reduce development time
  • Create an agile workflow environment where regulatory requirements can be easily addressed
  • Develop a bundled services system for streamlined integration, built on a mature workflow system
  • Implement cost effective scalability and redundancy between multiple data centers
  • Selection of a platform to optimize business processes, which would also facilitate the Centralized and Complete end-to-end Development Environment from Process Modeling, Optimization, Rules Evaluation GUI, Services, Executive Dashboards and Portals
  • Leverage AJAX to create a rich user interface
  • Apply Organizational Change Management principles by moving from a human workflow system with limited automation to an automated workflow system with true human centric processing, escalation, and prediction engine

Business Process Management

Since our client had extensive workflow oriented requirements so that hundreds of business processes could run concurrently, WebMethods BPM suite proved to be the ideal solution. Its intelligent Task Rules (assignment, change and filter) provide real time distribution of tasks among users which previously impeded the client’s demanding productivity goals. Aside from the usual business processes, the application also uses special error handling queues that allow the Helpdesk to receive notifications so that issues can be resolved in a timely manner. The application also uses the Task Engine APIs to complete, delegate, suspend and resume tasks directly within the code. The task expiration and escalation techniques will make the supervisor’s job much easier.

Business Activity Monitoring

Development Approach

The applications are being developed with an onsite/offshore development model. To achieve maximum efficiency and reusable code, the development team has created reusable Service Connector Framework, Inbox, BPM Process templates and CAF Frameworks. We are close to completion in the tasks of creating and implementing the following objects:

  • 1200 IS Data Services
  • 50 IS Integration Services
  • 150 Publishable Documents
  • 800 Database Adapters
  • 700 BPM Processes
  • 1500 CAF Development Screens
  • Numerous BPM Charts, Reports, KPI’s, etc


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