Accelerating Projects by 50% for a Leading Specialty Insurer using Microsoft Power Platform

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Discover how Visionet slashed average development time by 50% for a leading specialty insurer using Microsoft Power Platform.


A leading specialty insurer in the UK, seeking a low-code, flexible solution to enhance operational efficiency and accelerate time-to-market for new products. 


The client was grappling with outdated legacy systems, facing significant bottlenecks in product launches. Manual interventions were rampant, hindering efficiency across critical functions like underwriting, finance and share dealing. Integration challenges further compounded the problem, making it difficult to streamline processes and meet market demands swiftly. 


The goal was to overcome the insurer’s development constraints and accelerate time to market for their insurance products. Visionet addressed client's challenges by leveraging Microsoft Power Platform to modernize their operations. Through tailored solutions, we streamlined underwriting, finance, and share dealing processes for the client. This overhaul, with citizen development, resulted in a remarkable 50% reduction in project development time, empowering the insurer to expedite product launches and enhance operational efficiency. The seamless integration with existing systems ensured a smooth transition, leading to tangible benefits across the board. 

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