Digital Asset Management Transformation with AWS-Powered Unified Platform

Visionet developed an end-to-end, scalable digital asset management platform that solidified Tenovos’s marketing and creative ecosystems and improved their team’s efficiency, reduced costs, increased flexibility, and ensured seamless customizability.
Digital Asset Management


Tenovos is a leading digital asset management company that transforms the way brands connect with their customers. Their platform enables consumer brands to augment their content with intelligence using transformative data.

Tenovos required a digital asset management platform that can solve the challenge of integrating marketing and creative ecosystems in a unified platform. They aimed to attain global visibility, marketing governance, and fulfill the content demands of their customers.

Personalization in terms of customizations and configurations for each customer while maintaining the core codebase was a challenge. Furthermore, the product’s architecture needed to deliver faster onboarding for new clients and deliver flexibility to handle a wide range of diverse clients.

Digital Asset Management Transformation


Visionet developed an end-to-end digital asset management platform that was scalable and unified the client’s marketing and creative functions.

Powered by AWS and leveraging cloud-native capabilities, the platform delivers rich, personalized content in an agile manner and enables faster onboarding of new clients. It leverages AWS Lambdas for serverless computing to handle backend load where DynanoDB offers a persistent layer for data storage through the API’s Lambda function. It also uses Amazon Cognito to manage and authenticate functions to secure the backend API.


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