Elevating Content Quality for a Pinnacle Research Provider using Google Cloud Technologies

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Explore how Visionet, with Google Cloud Platform, revolutionized content for a research provider. Our AI-driven solution ensures accurate information retrieval and establishes trust in the research community.


The client offers platform and software services to help researchers and academic institutions create, manage, and share scientific and academic research content.


The client aimed to deliver accurate information to attract reputable research institutions and uphold high quality standards. However, the surge in digital data hindered content quality maintenance, while authenticating author information and extracting relevant data from PDFs added complexity. Additionally, distinguishing between human-generated text and AI-generated text posed further hurdles. The client sought a solution to provide researchers with reliable information and ensure that the quality and accuracy of their content met their standards.


The client, in collaboration with Visionet leveraged Google Cloud Platform to develop a comprehensive solution. We implemented an AIPP checklist mechanism and utilized Open AI for author information validation and data anomaly detection. Additionally, Visionet deployed a PDF extraction tool and developed an AI-text recognition mechanism to ensure accurate information retrieval and distinguish between human-generated and AI-generated text.

This solution streamlined document processing, enhanced data accuracy, and positioned the client as a trusted research resource.

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