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Visionet enhanced the capabilities of MGL’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and optimized their supply chain with an end-to-end solution for managing your entire global apparel supply chain.


MGL approached Visionet to enhance the capabilities of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and streamline their operations.
MGL’s business processes were unique from other apparel companies. They needed to align these processes and the functionality of their enterprise applications to ensure frictionless operations. With limited personnel to handle IT and operations, they needed to group multiple roles so users could perform end-to-end processing on high volumes of large-quantity orders in an automated manner.
MGL also needed to optimize their inventory and warehousing processes in order to make sound purchasing and sales decisions, and ensure smooth functioning of their supply chain. This required seamless and timely communication with their customers and suppliers.


HauteLogic proved to be an end-to-end solution for all of MGL’s operational issues. Through its wide array of functionality covering all aspects of modern supply chains, HauteLogic lowers operating costs, simplifies business processes, and ensures the flow of accurate and consistent information throughout the supply chain.
We provided a product information management system that includes product master definition and industry-specific attributes. Our procurement management system included purchase milestone tracking, order tracking, and inbound load planning.
HauteLogic’s order management system that helped MGL with customer master extensions, quantity mass maintenance, and sales order override. Inventory and warehouse management included outbound load planning and tracking, order pick-and-pack, and UCC-128 shipping label support.

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  • Real-time inventory visibility enabled supply and demand balancing

  • Facilitated partner collaboration

  • Simple and rapid implementation process ensured quick ROI

  • Smooth supply chain minimized bottlenecks and monetary loss

  • Aligned business processes with industry standards

  • Digital platform with continuous updates

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