PowerBuilder to Web End-to-End Automated Migration Solution

PowerBuilder to Web
End-to-End Automated
Migration Solution

 State of art PowerBuilder migration tools accelerates
      application modernization journey

  Designed and developed using decades of migration experience, industry         standards and modern architectures

Addressing Your Migration Challenges

Our vast experience with PowerBuilder application development and migration suggests that PowerBuilder lacks the essential elements of software scalability, maintainability and adoption of modern design and architecture which are now required to meet the evolving business demands and contemporary technology as well as infrastructure.


The lack of advancement poses a market competitive challenge and an opportunity for converting the PowerBuilder applications to a newer technology that helps to trim down on the cost, time and effort for future enhancements and maintenance.

PowerBuilder Migration Drivers

Lacking modern scalability security, availability and innovation needs

Escalatilng cost to acquire licenses and retain developers

No longers a mainstream development platform

News & more productive development tools are now available

Value Proposition

0 +
Migration Experts
0 Million
Lines of Code Migrated
0 Years
Of Migration Experience

Visionet’s Migration Solution

Visionet’s CodeMiner PowerBuilder edition uses proprietary innovation in migrating legacy applications and architectural transformations to create a seamless migration of PowerBuilder applications.

It is a comprehensive framework that is blend of tools and proven processes that help customers to address migration challenges on different stages of the migration process e.g. discovery, planning, front-end migration, backend-end migration, automated testing and database migration.

Accelerated Path to Successful Migration

Automated Assessment & Planning

Automated discovery, code analysis and applications synopsis from PowerBuilder platform helps you in quick and most accurate estimations and project planning leading to a successful migration experience. PowerBuilder Analyzer tool generates summarized and detailed code analysis reports that give complete picture of the applications.

Solution Template

Find modern and industry proven cloud native solution templates as part of code output that consists of all required components e.g. logging & exception handing, notifications, security, session management, caching, file management, testing frameworks, application insights etc. It can be easily maintained, does not require any refactoring in post conversion and works without requiring any third party tools or custom libraries. Open source templates to tweak and regenerate as many times it is required.

Front-End Migration

Automated conversion from PowerBuilder to JS framework based Web applications. CodeMiner’s powerful UI parsing engine intelligently identifies and map all the PowerBuilder UI elements to target language in customizable front-end solution structure. The automated migration gives you matchless experience that you will not find anywhere.

Back-end Migration

Code Miner’s native parser automatically converts business logic to C# using a fully configurable template constructs. It moves business logic nicely with footprint of PB code for developer reference and drops unnecessary system generated code. Inline SQL converted to ORM of choice.

Automated Testing

As success of migration projects depends upon strong testing practices and automated testing is key to this success. Automated unit tests and integration tests are generated during migration process. Apart from this Visionet’s property test automation framework is used for end-to-end testing using CI/CD pipelines.

DB Migration

Automated DB migration using customized tool. All commonly used databases with PowerBuilder are supported with 98% accurate output.

Modern Development Practices

Modern Agile development practices are adopted:
For better stakeholders engagement and satisfaction
Incremental delivery for early feedback through automated CI/CD pipelines.
Requirement analysis with Mindmap tools and management in the form of user stories
Built-in quality with Test Driven Development and end-to-end test automation.

CodeMiner’s robust architecture supports migration to modern JavaScript based web technologies and services based back-end solution. It is built on template based approach to transform PowerBuilder DataWindows, UI components and business logic residing in the form of PowerScript into target language, architecture and design guidelines. Large business applications demand good design as well as quality and maintainable code, code generated by CodeMiner addresses the need very well.

Do You Feel Stuck Migrating Yourself?

Talk to Visionet migration experts if you are struggling with PowerBuilder migration. Visionet provides free assessment and consultancy services to help you evaluate and plan platform modernizations. For more information, please visit Visionet Application Services (https:// www.visionet.com/platform-modernization/). Links for Blogs, Case Studies and White Papers.


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