Visionet Cognitive Services

Computer Vision

Utilizing digital media to deliver business value

Visionet Cognitive Services

Computer Vision

Utilizing digital media to deliver business value

Empowering your Applications to See, Hear, Analyze, and Reason Autonomously

The power of AI and ML has enabled digital media to automate operations and deliver business value. Today, we can automate monitoring and reporting applications to recognize, capture, and generate valuable insights from images and videos.

At Visionet Systems, Computer vision engineers and data scientists help you make sense of this data to scale your retail setting, improve medical diagnosis, protect your assets, and more.

An End-To-End Solution For Diverse Use Cases

A future-proof, fully integrated platform that makes use of the latest AI and ML technologies to make automation simple, fast, and scalable.

Who Can Benefit From Cognitive Services?


  • Record and analyze shoppers’ in-store footfall and behavior for stocking, staffing, and targeted marketing.
  • Improve security via accurate facial recognition.


  • Track compliance with health guidelines and detect if people are following the SOPs.
  • Improve diagnosis and speed up anomaly detection via computer vision.


  • Enhance bank security by implementing accurate facial recognition of habitual criminals and sending immediate alerts to the security.
  • Improve security by detecting customer faces in bank branches and ATMs and checking them against fraudulent databases.

Our Process & Differentiator

Our engineers and business analysts sit with you to make sense of your business goals. We give our utmost importance to collecting the right database of images provided either by you or by us.

The labeled dataset undergoes a meticulous process to ensure quality and equips the applications to accurately recognize and analyze incoming information. In the end, we provide you with the proper understanding of your visual data in a text format to encourage productive & effective decision-making. If required, we will also provide you with the necessary interface.

Tools and Technologies

Core Services & Features

Take a moment to check out how different computer vision services will allow your business to optimize operations, reduce human effort, and utilize visual data.

Instance Segmentation

This process involves detecting and delineating each distinct object of interest appearing in an image by finding out accurately the exact boundary of the objects in the image. Such categorization helps in labelling objects, traffic control, medical imaging, and various other tasks.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is a way of identifying or confirming an individual’s identity using their face. Segment shoppers by demographics, purchase activity, and much more. Sales associates can use the data extracted by the facial recognition system to provide personalized product suggestions – providing users with the most outstanding possible experience and purchase options.

Emotion Recognition

Analyzing the emotions of your customers or audience can help you improve your interaction with them and measure their satisfaction leves and help you make informed decisions. Emotional recognition can be used in retail, medical therapy, and even during work from home activities to measure your employee productivity and performance.

Object Recognition

Identify multiple objects in an image to suit your different use cases. Get real-time data on products that drive traffic to your store, campaign with data-driven marketing, and optimize store layouts.

People Counter

Count the number of people going through and provide useful statistics for event detection or strategy planning. For instance, analyze and optimize your staff schedules to reduce labor costs and maximize conversion, while ensuring an optimal shopper experience.

Semantic Segmentation

Identify the area of each particular instance of each object, with a different color. Such identification helps in anomaly detection such as cancer, autonomous driving etc.

Action Prediction

Detect the actions of individuals in an image or video. Cut down on theft by getting notifications of any suspicious activity.

Pose Estimation

Recognize coordinates of a pose of a human or an animal to train robots or for use in augmented reality.




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